MLB Threatens to Move All-Star Game from Atlanta Over Georgia Voting Law

Major League Baseball is apparently at least kicking around the idea of moving the All Star Game from Atlanta, because of the new Voter ID requirements passed in Georgia:

This kind of ridiculous woke signaling is to be expected now, and should be treated as one treats a clown at a circus. Something grotesque to be laughed at, and nothing more.

There are two separate, equally hilarious things happening here.

First, where MLB gets off pretending that the All Star Game is some crown jewel of sport is beyond the understanding of anyone who has actually regularly watched sports in their lifetime.

All Star Games, but MLB's in particular, used to be major events because nationally televised games were rare, team schedules were often very insular and limited/determined by geographic proximity to other teams, and the ability to see out-of-market games was non-existent.

In 2021, the All-Star game is somewhat of an afterthought. In fact, in 2019, the last time an All-Star Game was played, the Mid Summer Classic broke a record for being the least watched MLB All-Star Game of all time (the previous record was set in . . . 2018).

Moreover, there are a minimum of five nationally telecast games each week. A fan of the Miami Marlins (they exist) can watch all 162 Marlins games (because masochism, most likely) from the comfort of their home in Seattle (assuming it hasn't been taken over by CHAZers) . The continued saturation of interleague play has brought more variety to the MLB schedule for teams and fans looking to attend in person games than ever before. The internet has made photographs and accounts of games available almost instantaneously. . . and so on. . . you get the idea.

In short, it is both literally impossible to watch all of the baseball currently available to you (you would die of sleep deprivation) and unfathomable as to why you would need the All Star Game.

Second, and equally funny, is the indignation of MLB over people being required to show an ID.

This is humorous not because of some punchline but because of what one sees at every beer vendor in every MLB stadium. It's a big white sticker, on the cart or portable tray, that says “WE ID” in large, bold letters.

Hey, there it is! Literally Jim Crow. . . on STEROIDS!

Perhaps, if one grants him the benefit of the doubt, Rob Manfred is looking to usher in a new era of underage drinking. Kids Day at beautiful Comiskey Park will take on an entirely new meaning. Orphaned ragamuffins can score half-smoked cigars for a buffalo as they skirt onerous tobacco laws. A golden era of teenage discovery will take place as teen boys will no longer have to sneak into the strip club.

Alas, one is probably left assuming that this is another hamfisted attempt at virtue signaling by people who are either poisoned beyond help, or who frankly should know better.

But you know what? I hope they do move the game. In fact, they can cancel the game entirely and I doubt anyone would REALLY care at this point. The best thing that could happen is that these professional sports leagues continue to alienate their fans to the point that they either stop with the politics or face extinction.

So go ahead, MLB, make our day - move the game, prove how woke you are.

We dare you.