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Minions Make A Roast In Honor Of Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is headed to Minneapolis to do what he does best, incite violence and then get paid. I feel for what this community is going through, especially anyone who is on the receiving end of racism. Being Jewish, I've been on the receiving end of racism and it is incredibly hurtful.

For (here is a completely not hypothetical) example, when a public figure/failed politician's anti-Semitic comments spark riots against your community and that leads to the stabbing of an innocent person based on their race. See the @KSLawWolf tweet below for reality to slap you across the face.

Until the details of this case are sorted out, The Minions are serving up a nice hearty roast to heal my little possessed doll soul.

Let's peak inside the pot:

Last, but not least, is actually a DM (not a tweet but it should be) incoming from @thefactualprep

Boom. Roasted.

Artwork provided by @grubbstarVA


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