Mika Brzezinski has Gone FULL KAREN

We regret to inform you that Mika Brzezinski has had ENOUGH, will be calling your manager and you're NOT going to like what she has to say. Yes, Mika Brzezinski has gone FULL KAREN.

It started this morning, when POTUS suggested to Twitter and the world that . . . maybe, someone should consider looking into what happened to an intern that was found dead in Scarborough’s district office back when he was a congressman:

This is the THIRD time in May alone that Trump has tweeted about incident the that happened back in 2001. Let's just say that Mika was NOT pleased this morning to hear that'd done it again.

Mika's rant didn't end there. She took to Twitter shortly thereafter to let everyone know SHE HAS HAD ENOUGH of your LIP and would be calling CORPORATE!!!!!!

Look, the medical examiner ruled the intern's death as accidental and there is no evidence now to suggest otherwise. That being said, I have no sympathy for Mika or Joe as they had NO issue with putting Trump on the air no less than 41 (!!!!) times during the 2016 Republican primaries. They basically turned over their show to Trump so they could get FAT off the ratings! Scarborough himself even flirted with the idea that he'd accept an offer to be Trump's running mate! (from The Hill):

After being asked several times by radio show host Hugh Hewitt whether he would accept the vice presidential slot on Trump’s ticket, Scarborough said he would do “just about anything” for a favorable result in 2016.
“I will say this, and I’ve said this on the air, and so this is not really any secret at all, I’ll do anything that will get — will stop us from eight more years like the last eight years we’ve had,” Scarborough said.

Well, Trump won the whole damn thing (oops) and hasn't changed from the guy who did your show all the time in 2016 (guess who HAS changed since then?). Trump just doesn't like you anymore because you say nasty stuff about him and his kids on Twitter:

and on your show

Some presidents would ignore insults from partisan hacks (and you can even argue that this one should as well) but he doesn't and EVERYONE knows this by now. So if you come at this POTUS, you best not miss. Moreover, the idea that the Leader of the Free World should be banned from Twitter is ridiculous (voters, in fact, CAN think for themselves) and this feels like a thinly veiled attempt to help remove from a digital platform where HE CLEARLY DOMINATES Biden.

On to the reactions, where they went about as expected (Karens, Karens EVERYWHERE):

Sometimes, they just make it too easy to mock them.

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