Memeing Arms-Crossed Kamala

Earlier this afternoon, Joe Biden appeared at the White House with a bi-partisan group of Democrat and Republican Senators to announce that they had reached agreement on a trillion dollar "infrastructure" bill that only commits $550 billion dollars to . . . well . . . actual infrastructure (GREAT WORK, REPUBLICANS!):

When examining photos of this event, some keen observers noticed that the Vice President, Kamala Harris, was not among the group speaking to reporters, but was instead lurking in the background:

As the internet is wont to do, "arms-crossed kamala" memes ensued:

Kamala definitely giving off some "you think that skank is going to make you happy" vibes.

Yeah, this one is mine, sue me.

Wonder if Ted Cruz liked this meme. . . .

You vs. the bi-sexual Senator he told you not to worry about.

Michael Myers seems somehow less menacing here.

Ahhh well, if our government is going to waste another trillion dollars of taxpayer dollars, at least we got some fun memes out of it, right? And rest assured, if this bill passes, another, MUCH BIGGER and filibuster-proof bill will follow.

How do I know? Joe Biden said so himself:

Ah yes, pass one bi-partisan infrastructure bill, only so that the Democrats can ram through a bigger "infrastructure" bill via the filibuster-buster-proof reconciliation process. Smells swampy, smells like Joe Biden.

Happy Thursday. God Bless America