Memeing AOC Pretending To Be Handcuffed

I've never been arrested (sick brag, I know), but I bet getting arrested is NOT an enjoyable experience.

I mean, if you get arrested - you're likely getting handcuffed, thrown in the back of a squad car, brought to the local precinct, getting finger printed and charged with a crime. Oh and getting arrested really sucks if you're poor since, unless you can post bail, you have to sit in county jail until your trial (which can take weeks or months).

That sure sounds like it sucks to me. Hot take - this sounds like such a shitty deal that I do not recommend getting arrested (or breaking the law, fwiw).

So given that getting arrested sucks, why did seventeen members of Congress (including all the members of The Squad) get performatively arrested yesterday - complete with performative handcuffs - while protesting for abortion in front of the Supreme Court?

Short answer: these people are complete and total assholes.

Longer answer: they knew that this act of civil disobedience would be eagerly swallowed whole by a media establishment that agrees with them on everything, including and especially - abortion.

In that respect, getting "arrested" for blocking traffic and pretending to wear handcuffs was a pretty smart and calculated move. The Squad got their photo op and the media published the photos without the context of, you know, them not actually being handcuffed or arrested in any traditional sense (it appears they were handed $50 dollar fines in lieu of arrest):

So brave!

So, in my opinion, what this demonstrates is the immense privilege awarded to these Congressmen and women. Getting arrested is not a badge of honor for normal people, nor something that they proactively seek out for notoriety.

When the privileged purposefully seek arrest, knowing they will face no real consequence therefrom, it is a public expression of narcissism, status and power.

Same thing.

When normal people are arrested, they are not gently escorted to a shaded area free of restraints. When normal people are arrested, they do not use their arresting documents for publicity. When normal people are arrested, it's probably one of the worst days of their lives.

So, basically... getting arrested sucks, unless you're a Congresswoman with a booty that is not, in fact, big or juicy.

Anyways, since this stunt was worthy of ridicule, lets check out some memes ridiculing them:

Yeah, this one summed it up perfectly and won the day.


Orange Is The New Performative Civil Disobedience.

So savage, probably my favorite of the day.

A bigger booty would've stopped that car in it's tracks.

Not a particularly flattering photograph, tbh.

So true!

Daddy issues remain undefeated.

In conclusion - don't break the law, don't get arrested and don't act like a total asshole by pretending to get arrested either.

Happy Hump Day and God Bless America.