Media Pretends Senate Russia Report Includes New Bombshells; It Doesn't

This week the Senate Intel Committee, led by the completely useless Richard Burr (R - NC) and his puppet master Mark Warner (D - VA), dropped another Trump/Russia report. The collusion narrative has been busted more times than anyone can count at this point but that does not stop it from continuing to consume the brains of far too many people. Especially the corrupt fake news media - a surprise to absolutely no one.

The corrupt actors in our press immediately sprung into action to present this report as a the new collusion bombshell. Take for example Fusion Ken Dilanian, an NBC propagandist known for purveying Fusion GPS talking points, who within mere minutes of a nearly thousand page document being released was blasting out tweets about DAMNING NEW EVIDENCE.

Perhaps my favorite though is this three tweet thread from Obama hatchet man Jim Sciutto, who is now a lead anchor at CNN (very normal), in which he tries to re-launder things we have known for years at this point as incriminating new bombshells.

It is of course not new information that Paul Manafort had associates in that part of the globe. He did extensive foreign consulting and lobbying work over the years including most notably with Ukrainians. The supposed big revelation here is that Manafort shared polling data with a guy he knew from Ukraine. But we've known that for years and personally I've never understood why it even matters. Regardless, the Mueller Report already made clear that the Manafort sharing polling data with a Ukrainian associate had no connection with Russian election interference.

The god damn Trump Tower meeting. This is the infamous Trump Tower meeting. Which we have, once again, known about for years and was always a big nothing. And yet the media is rehashing this as a new scary bombshell. Who is still falling for this shit?

Again, nothing new here. We know someone was telling Roger Stone about Wikileaks. We also know he was a passive consumer of this information, not actively going out to nefarious Russians and said "go get Hillary." He did not have "advance knowledge" and wasn't directing any action (either on his own or on Trump's orders). So what is the big bombshell here? Why is this even something anyone is talking about anymore? It amazes me to this day that people decided this is what mattered as opposed to the rank corruption exposed in the Wikileaks documents.

At this point the media is just a one trick pony who will re-litigate this same old bullshit over and over again but the only problem is...

For people who spend an inordinate amount of time freaking out about people pushing conspiracy theories you would think they'd realize their own newsrooms are ground zero. There truly has not been a more powerful force for advancing Russia's objectives than the American media establishment and hysterical libs. Putin should write them all a letter of thanks for tearing the country apart based on utter bullshit. Its just important for us to not fall prey to their insanity and to remember...the best is yet to come.