McConaughey/Brand Have Refreshing Discussion on Politics; Dare You to be Normal

In an interview, which was a breath of fresh air, Russell Brand (who is from the UK) and Matthew McConaughey (USA) sit down to discuss politics and the left. Here is the relevant clip from the interview:

Russell Brand first goes on to say he senses a lot of condemnation and criticism of what he might describe as “ordinary working people.” The left has a sort of offhandedness, classifying these people as “dumb” – because they voted for Brexit – or they voted for Trump. It is nice to hear Russell Brand describe how he does not like this and doesn’t like to hear it – because of his own experiences and his own upbringing.

Brand goes on to say he has spent enough time with people that are being described in this manner to feel “ill at ease with it.” Brand inquires if there is a way of meshing together these apparently disparate groups now, these liberal professional classes, and these – what you might describe as “working ordinary people” of any color or variety.

McConaughey answers – he says that is his hope. The work he has to do is defining the science behind “why they’re valuable, the science behind why they work, the science behind why that doesn’t mean you have to now come over, and it doesn’t mean that you’re coming over to the proverbial quote unquote proverbial other side.” McConaughey says he will meet you in the middle. He thinks it is more of a dare right now than it has ever been.

Someone said to him the other day “you know what’s in the middle of the road McConaughey – yellow lines and dead armadillos.” Matthew replied back “Let me tell you something bud – I said I’m walking down the yellow line right now, and the armadillos are running free having a great time. I said you know why? I said the other two sides, the two vehicles on either side of the political aisle are so far apart, their fucking tires aren’t even on the pavement anymore.”

Let’s be more like the armadillos in the middle. It's free over here, there is plenty of room. Let’s get aggressively centric. The radical far left has gone so far left they almost have made a full circle (time is a flat circle, just sayin). The right is already much closer to the middle than the Left has been in nearly two decades. Maybe the best way to expose how loony the left has become is to try and be more proactively normal and appeal to others who don't think America's founding was irredeemable, that 2+2 = 4, that defunding police is a bad idea and that people in this country (writ large) get along when the media isn't trying to drive them apart. Maybe that's the path of the righteous armadillo? Who knows, but it was a little refreshing to hear two Hollywood types at least tepidly try and defend conservatives.

Baby steps.

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