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Maybe Trump, Maybe Not?

My Lib wife and I were winding through the Kentucky countryside traveling back to Louisville this past Labor Day weekend after a fun time in Cincinnati.

If you’ve never been to Kentucky, I’ll forgive you for not knowing how beautiful it is here.

It’s God’s country with the rolling hills, the rivers and lakes, the mountains, and the pastures filled with horses and different crops. If you travel through the state on an expressway like I-75 or I-65 rather than the scenic byways - you’re practically committing a crime.

The poor Lib of the House was upset with how many Trump flags she saw on the trip. As you can imagine, especially rural folks in deep red Kentucky aren’t shy about letting you know who they voted for.

These weren’t 2020 flags… these were brand new “TRUMP 2024” flags. I saw at least four of those and then still a couple old 2020 flags that weren’t taken down. As she rolled her eyes with a pained look on her face, I looked her way and softly said “Yeah, we aren’t going away.”

I didn’t mean by that comment that I actually wanted Trump to run again. I'm not sure I do – but I do want a Trumpian candidate that will push center right policies.

Why my hesitation for Trump Part Deux - Mar-A-Lago Boogalo?

Because all those normies that were driven mad by four years of deranged corporate media press coverage have gone back to sleep and I’m not willing to risk the corporate media churn machine waking them back up. Without Trump, media ratings are absolute garbage as normies have largely switched off the news.

Although people are not watching the news like they used to that doesn’t mean that they’re unaware of what’s going on. Biden’s polls numbers much like CNN’s ratings are also in the gutter. People are seeing what’s going on at the southern border. People saw what happened and continues to happen in Afghanistan. People see the price of gasoline while Biden kills pipeline deals in America while green lighting a Russian pipeline in Europe. People see the price of food going up as inflation continues to hit home. Not only all that, but Biden continues to display a worrying cognitive level. I honestly will be surprised if he makes it through his first term.

By the way, if you need any further evidence that Democrats live in an alternate reality bubble, look no further than that poll. Democrats give Biden a 77 approval? Really? Of course, the GOP approval numbers are really low and there’s no surprise there but it’s the approval number from independents that if you were a Democrat should wake you up. 35 is not a great approval number and if I were a Democrat that was wondering if Biden’s presidency is actually doing well this might make me question weather I voted correctly.

The other reason another Trump run seems risky is that he’s going to be old. He’ll be 78 years at the time of the next election. Biden is 78 right now and it’s clear his age is an issue. Now, I get it. DJT doesn’t drink and fast food for some reason seems to just increase his vitality. Not even COVID could take him out.

However, I worry about people over 75 because things sometimes just start happening over that age limit. Maybe a stroke or heart attack. Cancer is a genuine concern. Bodies just start to go wrong then.

My honest opinion on what Trump is going to do is he’ll tease this out as long he can. He wants people to think he’s running right until it’s clear that he’s not going to do. Then, he gets to play kingmaker by endorsing a candidate without having to do any of the real work of campaigning. It also plays right to his ego especially if that person wins.

I don’t know what the 2024 candidates will look like. I’m a big DeSantis fan.

Will Biden be running at age 82 or will Harris try her luck?

Will someone try to primary Harris?

Maybe Trump really will run again and maybe he wins it.

I don’t know for sure but I do know know it seems a risky strategy to me. And frankly, I don’t want to go through another four years of corporate media insanity. Trump is their only lifeline and they still talk about him regularly. I bet Jeff Zucker is just praying that Trump comes back. I say - let CNN die.


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