Matthew Foldi Throws Twitter Birthday Party for Matthew Foldi

Every year on August 3rd two American legends celebrate the day they were brought into this world. Those two Americans are future Hall of Fame Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, and future halls of Congress roamer Matthew Foldi.

Coincidentally, Foldi is a massive Tom Brady fan. How cool is that?

If you don’t know Matthew Foldi you’re missing out on one of the coolest guys on Twitter, and specifically in the minions circle. Comfortably Smug’s assistant, and the boomerest Zoomer you’ll ever meet, Foldi’s favorite activities include eating tofu, telling people he eats tofu, and dreaming about tofu. No really, the guy is vegan. When he’s not regaling you on the benefits of eating literally leaves and goopy white blocks, he’s INBOX’ing amazing memes he sources from Top Minions. Everyone loves his Top Minion #FFF’s or Foldi Friday Follows where he lists minion after minion to follow. He is truly a big reason why the minions are growing each and every day.

And today is his birthday. The big 2-4! Here’s what the Minionverse and more had to say about it on Twitter

But first, an EXCLUSIVE birthday message from the King himself, @comfortablysmug:

"Foldi embodies the virtues of what it means to be a true top minion. He is a patriot, he keeps the faith, he holds the line, and he owns the libs. Though he will forever be marred by his time working for Marco Rubio, Foldi dedicates each day to giving the minions a voice in the ongoing battle for the future of our nation."

~ ComfortablySmug

Pictured: Total Number of Cervices Satisfied - Zero.

On to twitter's celebration of young master Foldi's big day, like this nice message from the Media Research Center:

Then from U.S. Representative for New York's 21st congressional district, Elise Stefanik:

From Minion Queen, @ebeth360:

Top minion memer, @mcmurphy_pat with this gem:

Daily Caller Video Journalist, Lindsay Wigo:

Matt Whitlock, a Senior Advisor for the National Republican Senatorial Committee:

Brendan Carr, a Commissioner for the Federal Communications Commission

Daily Caller social media manager, Logan Hall

Host of the Kyle Kashuv Show, Kyle Kashuv:

And of course Foldis favorite minion, Publius (editor's note: this is bullshit, not true).


Here‘s to owning more libs, holding the line, and keeping the faith in 2020 and beyond!


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