Man-Ternity Leave

Family is important.

Being able to spend time with the people you love, newborn children, your dying spouse or parent, is precious. Taking the time to recover after a serious illness, or bond with your babies without fear of losing your employment is a wonderful thing, but your boss isn't going to shut everything down while you take the time off.

Chances are that the functions you perform within your place of work can be fulfilled by others and there will be no company-wide devastation caused by your absence.

Our Secretary of Transportation, Pete “Trains are Neat” Butigig, Bootedgeegg, Buddijug, Booty-Judge, whatever the fuck you guys call him had a baby. Two babies?

Well he didn’t have them, he picked them up from a lady (birthing person?) who had them on his behalf.

Either way, he and his husband have two new babies now, Mazel Tov. Seriously, this is fantastic news and I am happy for them. I wish them the best of luck - no this isn't sarcasm.

I had a baby once. Twenty-four and a half years ago, premature via emergency C-Section. Childbirth is exhausting, not that the two dudes in the photo above would know.

I almost died, my little baby guy almost died.

I can tell you that there are a couple pics out there of me in my hospital bed after, I looked like hammered shit. I felt like hammered shit. I certainly wasn't clean and showered and posing for professional photos. Some women do, I know, but most of us aren't feeling it, and seeing these two posing in their street clothes looking fresh as a daisy in a hospital bed just rubs me the wrong way.

Yeah, that's right buddy, actually GIVING birth isn't pretty and I certainly didn't look like the two dudes in the photo above who DIDN'T give birth and look like they're on a PR tour of the hospital.

Now I understand of course that Pete was appointed to his position, and not elected, (he has shown himself to be unsuccessful at getting elected to anything more serious than Mayor,) but he works for us.

He serves under #EmptyShelvesJoe, but he works for US.

As such, I think before he decided to take TWO MONTHS off in the middle of a crisis, we should have been informed. But we weren't. He's been absent from "work" for a month and half so far.

People joked about it. Like this:

Oh wait, she's not joking? She thinks we should be impressed?

I saw the "Full Stop" and thought she was being facetious about the economy coming to a GRINDING FUCKING HALT, in part due to the lack of leadership in the DOT.

I guess there are two ways to look this situation:

(1) - Pete is so bad at his job that nobody noticed he wasn't at work; or

(2) - The Department of Transportation is a pointless government bureaucracy, and should be abolished.

Actually, maybe both are true.

Let's see how Pete explained the situation:

So there are ships and ports filling up with containers of things I want and need and this Trainspotter is thought NOW was a good time to take 8 weeks of PAID LEAVE!?

A man, who is not the assistant manager at your local grocery store, but is, in fact, a senate confirmed cabinet secretary in the United States Government, thought that it was proper to take 8 weeks of paternity leave during the first crisis of his new job?

Actually, I bet if the assistant manager of your local grocery store was on leave and got a call that the refrigeration system had gone full Biden (i.e. failed), he'd come into work and help move some Lean Cuisines to a back up cooler.

Not our Transportation Secretary, who has a stay at home partner, though - he is too busy bottle feeding to perform the tasks of a job that he only started 8 months ago (after campaigning for two years . . . does this guy work?).

On a side note, the fact that he is being paid really galls me, back in the day I took eight vacation days, so there wouldn't be an interruption in income, because the company I worked for didn't offer paid leave.

Paid leave is now offered to all federal workers, thanks to known progressive icon, Donald Trump?!

Weird how that works, isn't it?

Personally I think he needs to take his ass back to work, although in saying that I'll be called anti-family, anti-gay, anti whatever.

I'm not, of course, but those are the cards that will be played by the media against anyone that dares insult the "first openly gay cabinet member," which he isn't, *cough cough Ric Grenell, but I digress.

Here is a dose of reality for you, Pete, you have an allegedly very important job with responsibilities that, believe it or not, affect the lives of every American.

You wanted that very important job, you graciously volunteered for this very important job.

I understand that you want time to adjust to having a new family, but sometimes, for some people with very important jobs, they have to make sacrifices and sometimes those sacrifices mean that you don't get to bottle feed your newly adopted twins for 8 fucking weeks!

Don't give me that look, bootyjudge, this is not a "muh rights" issue, this a "you have taken on a serious position where the effects of your absence can cripple an economy and make it hard for people to obtain the goods they need to live," issue.

You need to find a daycare, time for the grown up version of playing house to be over. You and Chasten will have to wait until next week to hit the pumpkin patch and go apple picking.

Shit is blowing up man!

Where you at? You better not just be at home playing with trains while Chasten does all the work!

Oh, ok, well I guess we will all go fuck ourselves then.