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Make the Suburbs Great Again

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It is funny how often this axiom is stated emphatically by those who always fail to learn from history. After decades of rebuilding and revitalizing great American cities like New York we are watching, in real time, the descent back to the era of White Flight and Urban Decay.

In recent days there have been numerous reports of Millenials fleeing the cities for the suburbs

This can hardly be a surprise when you see the living conditions in the cities.

Via Truth in Accounting and Forbes

Having lived in NYC for many years I know for a fact that many there will say good riddance to those who are fleeing because they aren’t “real New Yorkers” and those saying this are of the misguided belief that the fleeing will make their lives better. It won’t. What people, especially those who want to see people fleeing the city, always seem to forget is that with the loss of population comes the loss of tax base.

American cities were already facing a bigly budget crisis before the Rona as shown by Forbes in January of 2019. This has only gotten worse since the Rona struck as illustrated here by Citiesspeak. As people flee the cities they not only take their personal income tax base with them the fact that there are fewer humans leads to a decline in property values. This is a product of simple supply and demand. Lower property values of course means less revenue from property taxes.

If only there were a large multinational corporation that wanted to build a 2nd Headquarters in her district to provide the tax dollars for her crazy dreams

Now of course those wishing to defund the police will see their desires come to fruition because there simply won’t be any money to fund police or anything else because what little tax revenue there is will be assigned to funding public employee pensions. There will be no way without a large and prosperous tax base to fund the basic necessities required to live in a major city let alone all the fancy dreams of progressives.

The situation in the cities is pretty fucking simple those who have the means to leave will if they do not feel secure in their homes. Defunding and or neutering the police leads to the kind of environment where those who have the means to flee feel insecure in their

The closest thing you'll get to competent law enforcement in cities going forward

homes. When those who have the means to flee do cities lose the means to fund themselves while the suburbs get new planned gated communities, yoga centers, coffee shops, and therapists offices. Where as the cities may get a hero like Omar Little if they are lucky.

Some, who aren’t a borderline sociopath like me, may find it sad to watch the elected leaders of a community actively supporting the policies that will destroy the communities they represent. I of course find it hilarious because the idiots who voted for these people, i.e. de Blasio, get what they deserve. Cities saw a resurgence in the late 90s and early 2000’s because of leaders who wanted lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and rule their cities like a king. Now we have imcompetant woke wannabe revolutionaries who are just making everything worse for

The Karens of Agrestic aren't sounding so bad right about now

everyone. When a person has two choices to raise a family either in the world of Weeds or the world of The Wire which do you think they will choose? The nation had a happy medium between the two of them but suddenly the Bloombergs of the world were too “fascist” for the denizens of their cities.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it thousands of times yet. Civilization was a mistake. Part of me would like to believe that what the humans are doing is intentionally fucking their lives up because they know how horrid society is but that would be giving them too much credit. No they really think they can build a utopia and get all the humans to play nice with each other which is of course nothing more than a mass delusion affecting millions or poor unsuspecting souls. They are going to ruin what they had then find a way to blame those who warned them it was a bad idea when it all falls apart.

We are left with two options. One that it all just falls apart and we get to live out our Mad Max dreams, fingers crossed, or the city dwellers wake up and realize they need a man like Sideshow Bob in charge.