Los Angeles County Reinstates Indoor Masks for All

So yesterday, we published a very funny satirical blog about "Becca" a Pfizer rep mask and vax shaming everyone in a grocery store. It was meant to be a funny take on how wh*te w*men seem to be the most aggressive with this type of behavior and how the pharmaceutical industry is so uniquely positioned to profit off of all of our recent madness.

We didn't think that Becca would've have retaliated so quickly and severely, but alas - within a few hours of publishing, this news dropped.

Freedom must have been going too well for the citizenry. It's insane that this new mandate applies to people who have already been vaccinated as well. How will this encourage more people to get vaccinated? What science supports the notion that vaccinated people are spreading this virus? Will people comply?

All good questions, I would say (*pats self on back*)

My podcast host @703Kyle and I were talking about what used to make California unique on Monday's show (give us a listen!). You understood some of the appeal of California in the 80s and 90s, and maybe even the 2000s. But what's your appeal now?

This particular author has spent a good degree of time in San Diego. The weather is, yes, amazing, but a breezy, sunny day just isn't going to make up for a violent drifter knifing you for your soda.

Los Angeles is worse. If you've never been, let's dispel some myths:

  1. It's not good weather. It's hot.

  2. The women are no more attractive than anywhere else. They're just dressed like sluts.

  3. Nobody is friendly; it's a hellhole of pedophiles and clout chasers, the sick and twisted deal made with being the home of Hollywood.

  4. It's full of Beccas,

Don't pity the City of Angels. They've openly driven this insanity for well over a decade.

Watch an episode of Entourage for what was, and move on.