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Look Inward on The Monuments, or Look Outward to Doom

Last night, a protestor got his head cracked apart when he was playing the stupid game of “tearing down a statue as part of a mob.” Congratulations on your stupid prize.

Today, Senate Republicans (except, reportedly, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley) approved a plan to rename military bases and other Pentagon assets. It is a plan whose time has been a long time coming, and a plan which is deeply flawed, since its author--Lizzy Warren--didn’t bother to put in protections for memorials at cemetery sites. Brava.

People are going to be mad about this, and they should be. The Timid Class of Republicans allowed easy things like this to fester for years, under some pretense of historical preservation. The fact of the matter is that the enemy of western civilization has morphed, and now so too must we, however painful it may be.

The recent riots and armed insurrections in culturally weakened cities like Seattle, Portland, and Philadelphia (to name 3 of the more egregious examples) have left defenders of western civilization with varying takes on their actions. Some have been easier to denounce than others. Rioting is bad. Armed occupation and extortion of entire city blocks is definitely bad. But what of these monuments?

What I am about to say, I say as a person who thinks the history of the Confederacy is valuable, that the Civil War was not a black-and-white “good guys vs. bad guys” war, and as someone who in general does not condone rioting.

This Timid Class has, for too long, ignored some truths about the now exploding Radical Left: 1. It gives no quarter, and seeks to destroy everything. Leftism cannot create, it can only destroy, and so everything must constantly be destroyed for it to achieve its end goal.

2. Giving the Radical Left any recognition is taken by them as an endorsement of everything they do.

The destruction of and controversy over these Confederate and other monuments can be broken down into three general categories: Group One: Monuments whose destruction is only carried out because the Radical Left is bereft of any meaningful culture of its own. The vandalism of a statue honoring the Buffalo Soldiers or one of the litany of Abolitionist leaders fit in this category. Hypothetically, memorials to fallen soldiers at battlefields like Vicksburg, MS (a truly transcendent experience if you have the chance to go) would also fit into this category, but have thankfully not been defaced yet.

But. . . why?

Group Two: Monuments who shouldn’t have offended anybody, but were probably dumb to begin with too. The above two tweets both give us great examples of this second group. Should anyone have been truly bothered by a Robert Colston statue? Probably not. Did it need to exist? Given that Colston built one measly wharf and got a statue while Dwight Eisenhower’s built an entire interstate highway system without getting so much as a bust at the onramps, I’d say probably not.

The same goes for statues of Columbus. Was he a good guy? Not especially. Was he a bad guy? Eh, it’s complicated. Most historical things are. However, given that he never so much as sniffed modern American soil, what he’s doing with statues anywhere here is a little odd. And what possible connection he has to Minnesota is anyone’s guess. I’ve had people tell me that it often has to do with populations of Italian immigrants being in or having been in an area. To that I say bah! That implies there have been no statue worthy Italians in 500+ years, and that sounds patently absurd on its face.

Group Three: Statues and monuments that had no reason to exist in the first place. These are, by and large, your monuments to the Confederacy.

I have a difficult relationship with the Confederacy, but the reality is that public monuments to individual leaders probably shouldn’t exist, and modern military installments named after them definitely shouldn’t exist.

Fort Hood’s namesake, John Bel Hood, draws closer parallels to suicide bombers than to modern generals.

Pickett has a military installation named after him. He knew his charge was going to fail and instead he led his soldiers into a bloodbath.

Jefferson Davis is a figure who becomes almost sympathetic when you study his life--he did not want the job of Confederacy president, thought the war was folly, and regretted his actions deeply. However, he still committed the sin. He took the job anyway.

These are not men who need monuments, and I am not alone in my feeling. Prominent Confederate leader, Robert E. Lee felt the same way. The Confederacy did not need monuments.

These second and third groups could have been dealt with ages ago. We could have peacefully removed the statues, and correctly renamed the bases years ago. We could have taken ammunition away from the Radical Left and its Melkor like march toward infinite blackness.

But Timid Class Republicans at every level did nothing.

Certain Republicans have proven that when the stakes are highest and the lights are brightest, they are able to rise to the occasion. However, too often these leaders choose to defer to the Timid Class and do nothing. They choose to be bold only when bold action is needed to save the republic, and refuse to be proactively bold to help the republic avoid giving bad actors ammunition in the first place.

The Radical Left’s actions over the past few days have been inexcusable. And that’s the point of this column’s pseudohistory lesson. Because of the Timid Class Republicans, all lovers of western civilization are now forced to decry the mob removal of these monuments, remember, condoning of one action is the condoning of all action when dealing with the Radical Left.

The coming months, the election, and the aftermath will require all of us to have a great deal of introspection and self-reflection. Some of us will be better at it than others.

I use the term “lovers of western civilization” because I am not truly a Republican. I am barely a conservative. But I, and conservatives, and all those who value the freedom that western society has historically offered, will have to look deep into our souls and decide if the Timid Class can truly represent our needs.

I suspect that they cannot.

We must find men and women who are as willing to remain vigilant to guard the life of our republic during times of tranquility as they are during times of strife. If we don’t, the CHAZ will win. Our republic, and our freedom will be lost, and we will have only those meekest to blame. And that will not be fair. Holding others to expectations they cannot achieve is a failure of ourselves. Some of these Timid Class may be likable men and women. But their failure to be proactive enough to something as simple as “maybe don’t honor people who literally tried to overthrow the government with names on military bases” has in part led us to this crisis. With that in mind, the true blame will not lie with the Timid Class, nor with the Radical Left. It will be with us, for having allowed both to continue.


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