Local Journo Surprised When His Grenade Gets Thrown Back

Local Journo Surprised When His Grenade Gets Thrown Back

Last Friday, a journo displayed some pretty despicable behavior. (I’m sure you’re shocked) A data breach had published names of people that had donated to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund and our intrepid reporter saw the name of a local man that had donated a whopping ten dollars.

Can you imagine? A whole ten dollars?

Clearly, this local man was a malevolent degen. Maybe he’s even dangerous! But our local reporter having the heart of gold that he does decided there had to be another side to the story.

So he bravely put his mask on, gathered a crew, and went to the man’s house to get his “side of things”:

This is pretty remarkable as I’ve reserved most of my scorn for the journalist class almost solely on a national level. However, in this case, we have a small town journo with a few thousand followers trying to actively create a story about one of his neighbors with the obvious implication that the man had engaged in some sort of of immoral act for his donation and now he was going to make the man explain why he had done it.

The level of pushback to the journo was both swift and severe as it was picked up in conservative media.

He finally had the good sense to delete his tweet but the damage had been done. He tweeted out today that he was leaving social media:

I certainly want no harm to come to this man or anyone he works with. IN FACT, if you do come across this blog - I IMPLORE YOU to just leave him alone - treat him the way he should've treated the paramedic he harassed.

Nevertheless, I have to ask – what did he think was going to happen?

He was going to dox a local man over a ten dollar donation to a defense fund. Did he really expect that this wasn’t going to make people angry? It was going to anger people on the left that think Rittenhouse shouldn’t be defended and it was going to make people on the right angry for his implication that the man had committed an inexcusable act. All he did was put both himself and the other man in the crosshairs.

This just shows the absolute rot in our media. It’s not something that exists solely on a national level anymore. The fact that this journo thought he should do this to one of his neighbors is disgusting. Folks, these people aren’t your friends and they can’t be trusted. Don’t engage with journalists. They’re the bottom of the barrel with no scruples and no remorse. I see no sense of regret in his last tweet. The man has so embraced that he’s on the right side here that he can’t even begin to fathom why what he did may have been wrong.

I hope this guy doesn’t have much of a career left and honestly – that may be part of the reason he did it. We know how desperate the media is right now for clicks and views. They’re being laid off right and left almost daily and local outlets are especially being hit hard.

He could have been trying to generate some viewership and thought this was the way to go about it. Let’s hope when the layoffs hit his station he’s the first to go.

Let’s hope if he ever does return to social media – that he has learned a lesson in leaving private citizens alone.