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Local Group of Peters Continues to Cry Wolf.

One of the things that makes Trump endearing, even to those of us who do not always quite understand it, is that he doesn't take a lot of guff from anyone.

For years, one of the complaints that Republicans and right leaning Libertarians had was the obvious double standard between Democrats and even relatively liberal GOPers when it came to media treatment. For Pete's sake, Ted Kennedy murdered a woman and became known as the "lion of the senate." Media (both news and entertainment) and Democrats are the same; that Trump decided this did not have to be, and quite literally willed our new reality into existence is one of his most lasting legacies, and we're only at the half way point of his presidency (one hopes).

Media as a whole is dishonest, that much is obvious and regularly stated, including by our own Phil Osoraptor earlier today.

When advisors protested sending Ulysses S. Grant back into the field, Lincoln dismissed them, stating: "I cannot spare this man. He fights." So too have otherwise disaffected Libertarians united behind Trump. Despite any flaws, he fights, and we cannot spare that.

That doesn't stop CBS from trying, like with this dumb line:

First off, CBS employed Dan Rather from before I was born until I was almost out of high school, so they can pound sand with this "full and fair reporting" nonsense. They don't fully or fairly report anything, not even in sports. It's why we never got Greg Gumble and Dan Dierdorf calling a Super Bowl together. A travesty. But we digress.

To quote noted Goon @14_Dutch: "‘Contextual’ = ‘we didn’t get to cut what sounded crappy’"

That's what CBS is really mad about. They, like everyone else in the Democrat Media Complex, wants to protect Smokin' Joe at any cost. And they're furious that they aren't able to just scream "maNiPUlAteD mEdiA" like Twitter can. Trump can blast out whatever he wants.

And that freakin' rules. What's CBS going to do to him? Not interview the president the next four years? Try to get him jailed for "being mean?" It'll take more than the CHAZ Patrol to bring him in on those charges.

The reality is that in politics, unless you're doing something like--oh, I don't know, selling access to the vice president and sitting Democrat senators to corrupt oligarchs and the genocidal Chicoms--consequences only matter if you allow them to matter.

The Democrats screamed about fairness. The consequence of listening to them would be no Amy Coney Barrett. Because we have Trump, there was no consequence, and my champagne in a can is on ice for Monday.

The Democrats screamed about Trump's administration being one that lies. The consequence used to be getting cudgeled into submission. Trump simply told the media that there would be no more press briefings and sent Sarah Sanders on a well deserved vacation. Now we have Yaaas Slay Kween running the show, and it rules.

When media companies say they want to "add context" what they mean is "we hate you and want to lie to you."

Don't let them. Keep beating them. Keep winning.

Trump 2020!


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