Libs Forget McConnell is McConnell, are SHOCKED he would fill SCOTUS vacancy.

This morning, Politico published an article on Senate Republicans intentions to fill a SCOTUS vacancy in the event one should present itself during the remainder of President Trump's first term in Office. Senate Democrats, apparently forgetting the Cocaine Mitch plays for keeps, we're outraged that McConnell would fill a vacancy after denying Merrick Garland (RIP) a senate vote in 2016.

From Politico:

"“They’re not troubled by inconsistencies,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.). “It would be completely inconsistent with everything that was said [in 2016]. But we knew when they were saying it they didn’t mean it. We knew that was a situational answer.”"

Senate Democrats willfully ignored the basis for McConnell's 2016 decision, the infamous "Biden Rule" (well Biden Rule 1, that is) whereby nominations for Supreme Court justices should wait until after a presidential election when political control of the Senate and White House are flipped. The Senate and White House are, of course, both currently under GOP Control.

Twitter was quick to point out this inconsistency:

Moreover, this should come as a surprise to nobody, as McConnell has openly admitted that he would fill such a vacancy if the opportunity presented itself:

Some on Twitter appear particularly pleased at the prospect of confirming another SCOTUS justice:

and. . . some appear PARTICULARLY excited


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