• Nero

Let's Get Metaphysical EP: 1 "Society? What's Up With That?"

So your friendly neighborhood degenerate that you all know and love from Twitter and Flappr Nero now has a podcast. In the debut episode I am joined by Smub Publius and the Kosher Doll.

Now usually you are seeing us clowning on blue checkmarks and owning libs but here we are going to do our best to leave politics out the conversation as much as possible. Clearly we all are, probably to our detriment, overly involved in politics however that is not what dictates who we are.

In fact overly politicization of the way we view the world is more an aspect of society than it is of us as individuals. So with this in mind we are here to focus more on the individual’s place in society, if society is a good, an evil, or just neutral. We will delve into aspects of life such as spirituality, science, ethics and philosophy, and culture vs counter culture.

Don’t worry we will still be clowning on blue check marks, it’s in our DNA, but we will be more focused on what it is to be a human living in 21st century and how that affects the human psyche.

So here it is for you listening pleasure Let's Get Metaphysical Episode 1 "Society? What's Up With That?"