Let Progressive Cities Destroy Themselves

A decade ago when progressive madness was really beginning to ramp up I laughed and said “Surely, even most of the people that consider themselves a part of the left won’t accept these ideas.” Record scratch and cut to 2021 – I was wrong. Like a cancer that you can’t stop from spreading - the ideas and ideology of leftism only seems to be growing stronger. A more naive and youthful Bear thought we should fight these ideas. Now I say there’s no point and we should let the places that want to run wild with progressive ideologies do just that.

In Washington state, legislators are proposing a wealth tax that would cost famous Washington residents like Jeff Bezos 2 billion dollars a year and Bill Gates around 1.3 billion per year. Old Bear would have made some tired argument about the flight of capital from the state and how it would create a negative climate for investment and growth and yada, yada, yada. New Bear simply doesn’t care. If the good citizens of Washington want to strip Bezos and Gates of their wealth (most of which isn’t cash but actually shares of their companies) then I say let them. If they want to vote for people that will enact legislation and tax laws that will result in rich people fleeing the state which would leave the state with less tax revenue that will eventually have to hit the poor and middle class harder – go for it! What do I care if there is less business investment or growth or anything at all in Washington?

In LA County they’ve elected a far left district attorney named George Gascon. Our boy Georgie was District Attorney of San Francisco from 2011 to 2019 and now he’s bringing his wonderful policies that have turned San Fran into an ocean of crime and drug addled homeless to LA. Some foolish souls there are putting up resistance to Gascon’s policies such as not allowing prosecutors to oppose parole or not charging juveniles with murder or rape. The Bear says let this man do what he was elected to do! People want these policies obviously. If you want homeless people breaking into cars and passed out on public transit in LA and San Fran I say enjoy it. I don’t live there.

That’s the beauty of the American system! If you want to live in a deep blue state where you’re very concerned about being “compassionate” to criminals and drug users and want to give them free rein over your city you’re free to do that. If you want to live in a city and vote for far left progressives that are ok with autonomous zones being set up and you think that CHAZ warlords are actually pretty dope then you can do that, too! Personally, I want to brutalize criminals which is why I live in a deep red state where I can carry a concealed pistol almost any damn place I want and getting a permit for it is really easy, too.

And thanks to the rona it’s never been easier to work remotely… which means it’s also never been easier to move to a place you want to live that aligns with your values. From what we’ve seen after the 2020 census people are also taking that into account. Red states like Florida and Texas will gain House seats because of how much population they’ve gained. States like California, Illinois, and New York are all going to lose seats because people are leaving those states.

So what do I care about what passes for public policy in California or Washington or Illinois or New York? I chose to move to Kentucky because I like Kentuckians and I like the political culture of the state. Democrats here are like what Democrats were like 20 years ago before the progressive craziness invaded the party. Our governor is pretty middle of the road for today’s modern Democrats and he has to be because the state is deep red now. So let the blue states have their crazy policies that are making people flee them for red states. That kind of momentum isn’t sustainable. Eventually, policies will have to be enacted that will attract people to those states. It’s clear the policies enacted now aren’t doing that.