Less is not More

Have you ever had to work in group project and been the only person doing work? Like you throw your whole self into getting it done, reviewing and revising, dotting i's, crossing t's, perfecting it because your grade matters or your promotion depends on it? And everyone in the group gets an A because of you? But you don't get an A-plus? Or worse yet the boss slaps someone else on the back and says "great job!"

Have you ever gone all out to make someone a thoughtful gift, that was expensive, in terms of time or dollars or effort, and another person writes their name on the card? Claims it was their idea?

Have you ever had a job at which you excelled, to the extent that if you took a day off the whole place turns to shit, and someone else with the same title who sucks real bad at the job gets paid the same? Because fairness.


This is what happened to Simone Biles this week. For the record, I'm not saying that the rest of the US Gymnastics team sucks, or doesn't work hard, or is attempting to ride coattails. What I'm saying is that there is only so much a person can take before they crack.

Many have compared Simone's response to this "rule change" to cowardice in war, and weakness in battle. It's not folks. In war you are trained as a unit, you are as strong as your weakest link and you move and function as one body. But this isn't a military unit, or even a sports team in the traditional sense, it is a collection of individuals whose scores as individuals are tabulated together to see who collection has the most points.

Ms. Biles has put in the time and the effort to be the very best at what she does. She defies gravity and physics on the daily. Last week the governing body of Olympic Gymnastics told her she had to be less so that others could feel better about themselves. She could not be rewarded for consistently pushing herself past limits and boundaries, because others might try to do the same. They said, be less, Simone.

When Simone had the same reaction that anyone would have to being told "It sucks, to not suck,"

everyone in the country watching from their couches with a bag of potato chips and 2 liter of Mountain Dew cried foul. "Un-American!" "Lacks mental toughness!" "WEAK!"

Really, Charlie?

I seem to recall back in history class when we discussed the American Revolution, that some colonists who worked very hard to make their way in this new world, decided that it was some straight bullshit that another country got to financially benefit from all of that hard work and dumped their shitty tea in the bay. The best thing about being an American is that we recognize some bullshit and we can freely choose not to participate in it. Those colonists fought for that. Make no mistake it wasn't a universally popular thing to fight for, plenty of them refrained from the fight, the predecessors of the armchair athletes throwing shade at Ms. Biles.

Since when did America become a place where putting up with bullshit is the recommended course of action? If Ms. Biles is the representative of her country at an international competition, and her actions represent us, I say she did the right thing.


I know that there is likely much sugarcoating of this whole thing, and everyone has glommed on to the "sanity break," notion, and that USA Gymnastics is pushing that narrative, but I think its a simple case of take this job and shove it. And I like it. People work to get paid, and they just changed her commission plan, because its unfair.

Bottom line, the Olympics used to be something else. When I was a kid it was exciting, a matter of pride counting medals, a chance to see that people from other countries were like us in a lot of ways, an inspiration to achieve, a motivation to be more, to do more, to TRY more. This is probably the first Olympics in my life that I haven't watched a single moment of any competition, (except that adorable video of the dancing horse) because the Olympics is now a political shit show where the elite athletes of the world go to pick up their participation ribbons. It's a middle school soccer tournament, where the post game snacks can't have peanut butter or gluten in them.


To USA Gymnastics: Shame on you, Simone Biles has kept people interested in your organization in spite of your shady dealings and abuse, you should have carried her out of Tokyo on your shoulders while giving the finger to everyone on your way out. You want to talk about what's good for the team, instead you left her behind on the battlefield. Disgusting.

To the Olympic Gymnastics rule changers committee: Fuck you. You literally shat upon everything the Olympics is supposed to be. Changing your rules so snowflakes don't get their feelings hurt by getting their ass kicked. In the history of ever, nothing was ever made more fair with manufactured equity of outcome, achievements have never been inspired by withholding reward. You are garbage.

To Simone Biles: Come on home girl, you don't have anything to prove, not that they were going to let you try anyway.