Larry Elder - Huge F*cking Racist?

It's been a pretty CRAZY few weeks, folks. . . with the fall of Afghanistan, the death of 13 American servicemen and women, Biden ordering the droning of a family of Afghans and then being caught looking at his watch during the return of our fallen troops - suffice to say shit has been weird and awful.

All that stuff is awful, but you know what is really, SUPER, awful? There is a LITERAL white supremacist running in the recall election for Governor of California.

WHAT!?! You haven't heard? Yeah, it's been all over the news, most specifically in the L.A. Times:

This was an actual headline.

I know, I'm just as shocked as you are! I mean, just look at this guy - he's the LITERAL face of white nationalism:

I am seriously shaking - the whiteness can be felt through the screen.

WHAT!?! You don't think he's a white supremacist?

Why, just because he's black? Now THAT sounds racist.

If you don't believe that he's a white supremacist, just look at this yearbook photo from when he was in med school:

WHAT!?! You're telling me that's Ralph Northam, the Governor of Virginia, that he admitted he was in that photo and that he remained in office and the media just, kind of, moved on?

Hmmm . . . ok, I'm sure there were some special circumstances there or something, like maybe Northam had some temporary mental illness that he's since been cured of - we can't punish the mentally ill.

Ok, so forget that photo, but how do you explain THIS photo of Larry Elder dressed in Arab brownface:

WHAT?!? That's not Larry Elder either?! You're telling me that's JUSTIN TRUDEAU, the liberal Prime Minister of Canada, and the media just kind of let this one go too?

Hmmm. . . ok, I'm sure there were some special circumstances there or something - but if you're so sure Elder isn't a white supremacist, then how do you explain this video where Larry Elder dressed up in black face and body, pretended to be Karl Malone, and portrayed him as a complete illiterate r*tard?

Oh, so you're saying that video features liberal comedy sweetheart and host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel, and NOT Larry Elder? Oh, well . . . Karl Malone is a conservative and served on the board of the NRA, so he deserved this mockery.

Anyways, you think you're pretty smart - but just at look at how smug Elder appears in this video as he MOCKS Asian names all in the name of "comedy":

"Captain Park Ma Plen Tu Sun?" "Ha Yu Lan Dis Tang?" "Munchma Quchi?" Doesn't Larry Elder know that "jokes" like these LITERALLY get AAPI people killed? #StopAsianHate is more than just a hashtag!

What's that? The man in the video is Stephen Colbert, host of the popular liberal comedy show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? Oh, I see. . . never-mind then . . . I'm sure there were some special circumstances back then and that's why his show wasn't canceled.

What about this photo!?!

Oh, you're right . . . that's Howard Stern in minstrel blackface, doing a comedy sketch where he's holding up a photo of "mammy" and uses the n-word repeatedly. (The video was actually so edgy - by today's standards - that I didn't publish it on this site).

LISTEN! Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert AREN'T running for Governor of California - they're comedians!

We need to hold Larry Elder to a HIGHER standard, we can't have a white supremacist governor of California, whose actions might actually harm BIPOCLGBTQ+ people. Just look at this clip of a young Larry Elder from the 1970s, passionately calling black men "predators" on the senate floor while advocating for his infamous 1994 Crime Bill:

Oh, you're right. . . that's Joe Biden. . . and the 1994 Crime Bill disproportionately harmed black people and Biden had previously supported mandatory minimum sentencing for crack cocaine offenses.

Hmmm. . . I'm sure there is an explanation for all of this. . . there has to have been special circumstances for this, how else would Biden have become President after having such an awful track record in the BIPOCLGBTQ+ community?

It's not like Joe Biden and Democrats think they own them or something:

Ok, I'm tired of this little game you're playing with these "clips" and "evidence".

The LA Times said Larry Elder was a white supremacist and that's all I need to know that LARRY ELDER is a fucking racist!

If you don't believe the corporate media, maybe you need to do some self-introspection and think about whether or not you're an anti-racist or you're a pro-racist.

There can't be any other explanation.


No, Larry Elder is not a racist, nor is he a fucking white supremacist. I hope Larry Elder or someone else wins the recall election because Gavin Newsome is a smug illiberal douche.

Enough fun - now onto something serious.

I saw this GoFundMe over the weekend for fallen U.S. Marine, Rylee McCollum and feel obligated to share it with our audience:

This young man made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, just weeks before he was expecting the birth of his first child.

If there is any good we can do with this website, from our community, then I hope it's generating a few donations to the family of this fallen American hero.

I donated and hope other will as well.

Happy Monday, God Bless America and God Bless the thirteen families who are coping with the loss of someone all Americans owe a huge debt of gratitude towards.