Ladies Please: Delete Your Cookies

When I was a child, it was so cool to be a girl scout. I went to a private school and the students were kinda spread out, because of the distance from our school to where we lived, there wasn’t a lot of after school stuff in which we could get involved. I looked forward that one night a week when I could hang out with some girls and do crafts and sing songs. I loved going camping, especially when we would get to take over the “Swiss Chalet” (at our local Girl Scout facility), making breakfast in that amazing kitchen with 50 of your closest friends.

I built a campfire, tied knots, made air fresheners out of oranges. I hiked, I played and I shared time with other like minded ladies. All great stuff.

The Girl Scouts have been a powerful influence on generations of young women, its where we learn all sorts of things, like how to make friends with people from different backgrounds, working as a team, politeness, service to others, public speaking, and how we fit in to the world around us. We learned all about their mission and what it means to be a Girl Scout.

From their website:

All of these invaluable lessons to the young lady who would grow up to be a mom, a wife, a career woman, a leader, a tycoon, a volunteer, are meaningless, wasted time if the Girl Scouts, an organization that mentors young women to learn, grow, serve, survive, and DECIDE for themselves, now in a very public forum tells all of us to bend the knee.

How'd it happen? Well it started when the Girl Scouts did something ACTUALLY kind of cool tweeted this congratulations to our pal ACB (word on the street, a former Girl Scout):

And then, naturally, the sky screamers, put down their vegan soy extra half-caf pumpkin spice nut juice lattes and started tweeting their disdain for everything Girl Scout.

"We hate your cookies! Camping is stupid! Thin Mints can bite me!" cried the Twitteratti.

And the Girl Scouts, this fine hallowed organization that in their pledge, vows to serve God and country, what did these honorable souls do? They caved. Folded like a map. Toppled like a house of cards.

They apologized to womxn who may have been offended that another woman made it to the very pinnacle of the legal world.

"We’re so sorry everyone! We hope your feelings aren’t hurt because we celebrated a victory for women everywhere! We were wrong! Please don’t hate us! Please buy our cookies!"

Apparently they chose to throw that courage, confidence and character out the window.

Apparently all they care about now is being POPULAR.

So all of that, “Who we are” business is crap basically. We are all going to have opinions that are not well received. Lord knows I have plenty, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. (you see what I did there!) It is positively disrespectful to everyone who has ever donned a sash and said that pledge out loud, to retract a tweet, to ultimately save cookie sales. Its gross. Its pandering. It’s cowardly. It goes against every single thing I thought the Girl Scouts stood for.

So I hope that we can all teach the Girl Scouts something new, bending the knee to the woke rage mob takes zero courage, requires no confidence and builds no character. Did you earn their respect?

The answer is a resounding NO. Nobody you bow to is ever going to respect you. That’s facts.