Update: Kimmel Releases Statement; Says Others Are the REAL Racists

In an update to the story we covered yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel, host of the ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live, released a statement in response to a Fox News story that uncovered that Kimmel used the N-word on a 1996 comedy album.

Kimmel's statement is as follows (per Twitter):

As expected, Jimmy Kimmel is going to try and memory hole this from the public eye. He doesn't even really apologize, in fact - he appears to blame conservatives and Fox News for why he has been reluctant to address the issue for fear that "it would be celebrated as a victory by those who . . . cheer for leaders who use prejudice to divide us."

Kimmel as Malone, during a sketch on "The Man Show"

Kimmel appears to try and sidestep the main contention of the Fox News story yesterday, that he used the N-word in a comedy song, and only specifically refers to the prosthetics used in his Karl Malone sketches. Kimmel doesn't not specifically mention the song where he impersonated Snoop Dogg and used the N-word multiple times. That's convenient.

So I guess, Bravo, Jimmy. You found a way to point the finger at the REAL villains in this story, not JIMMY KIMMEL, the person who actually said the N-word and dressed up as a black man and woman for comedy, but CONSERVATIVES who called you out on your bullshit. It's not surprising that he utilized this strategy, as its shockingly (well, not that shockingly because the media is full of insane hypocrites) effective.

If you remember last week, the Washington Post published a 3,000 word essay about a civilian woman who wore blackface to ridicule Megyn Kelly at a Halloween Party in 2018. A random, non-famous, woman (like you or me), who is presumably of the left politically, was fired from her employer after the story was published. That same Washington Post has published NOTHING about Kimmel and his extensive use of blackface and the N-word for comedy and profit (UPDATE: WaPo has published a story on Kimmel's apology). if you feel like this is a double standard, it is because this is a double standard. Fuck these people.

Onto the reactions:

This is really annoying and leaves many of us in an impossible situation. I DON'T Believe Kimmel is a racist, I think he's a comedian and a partisan asshole that has turned his show into a platform for leftist bullshit. I DON'T think he should be canceled for telling jokes that were not deemed racist when he told them. But then you see the double standard and it's just fucking galling. Basically, if you have the "correct" politics and possess some power, forgiveness is possible. If you don't they're going to fucking destroy you.

This is 2020.


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