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Killing Grandma and Eating Your Neighbors to Own the Cons

In their never ending quest to politicize anything and everything "The Resistance" decided to get #Trumpdepression trending this morning. Never wasting an opportunity to pounce the same people who went hard after Bethany Mandel for correctly pointing out the purpose of the lock down in the first place are joyfully talking about an economic depression caused by the lock down.

BebopSpaceCowgirl, whatever that means, went as far as to call Mrs Mandel, a Jewish woman, a White Supremacist

While the quintessential white girl who thinks having a white claw induced seizure and calling it dancing Angela Belcamino had the following to say

Today the unemployment numbers come out and as expected they are extremely high. Most of the country is still shut down and those who are talking about opening it back up are being called "Grandma Killer". So what does "the resistance" do when they see these numbers? Well Biden Stan Jon Cooper gleefully tweets

While Rino at best Joe Scarborough added

Fortunately there were many out there brave enough to strike back at Moaning Joe such as Destructive Chemistry

And in response to Ronald Klain who's tweet Moaning Joe was retweeting

AnneSacw correctly pointed out

In the end though as he often does the cool Stephen Miller summed it up perfectly

What it comes down to is that people who think this is either dancing or protesting or both

Are politicizing a pandemic to get this guy elected president

Because the reigning Biggest Douche in the Universe and others think

And they don't care if you have to resort to eating your neighbors to get it done


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