• Nero

Kanye West for President? Why the Fuck Not?

Just embrace the absurdity. This past weekend Kanye West, to the surprise of nobody who has been paying attention for the past decade, announced on Twitter he will be running for president. Whether or not he actually does is irrelevant. Just the fact that this is being taken seriously is all we need to know that nothing matters.

This is legitimately the best option we have and I don't see it getting better

Just embrace the absurdity. For the love of Cthulhu Donald Trump is in the oval office. Unlike in 2016 I am actually voting for him this time and despite the polls I think he will win again. Why am I voting for him? Because the alternative is even more absurd.

Many want to blame President Trump for the state of the world but he is nothing more than a symptom. From the moment John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960 mostly on being better on TV than Nixon Presidents were becoming pop culture icons. Ronald Reagan was an actor who used his cowboy image to his advantage politically. Reagan at least had two full terms as Governor of California before becoming President.

If Jeri Ryan hadn't divorced her husband over parties at sex clubs we never have President Obama

President Obama was drafted straight out of central casting by David Axelrod to be the “hope” for the Democrats. He was an Illinois State Senator who made the keynote address at the 2004 DNC. He was elected to the US Senate in later that year because Jack Ryan had to withdraw from the race due to stories about attending swingers parties with his ex-wife actress Jeri Ryan.

Obama was in his third year as a US Senator when he secured the Democratic Nomination despite the fact that Clinton had more votes. He became President because he made people feel good about the future. He was and still is more a celebrity than politician. So are we really surprised that Donald Trump who also makes people, albeit different ones, feel good about the future was elected president and likely will be again? Just embrace the absurdity.

So here we are with Kanye West being taken seriously about a run for the White House. We even have Paris Hilton openly talking about “President Paris”.

Look this is what we have for as long as civilization decides to stick around so you might as well lean into the absurdity. We all know Cardi B is going to announce she is running for something before too long. Let’s face it the only thing Mike Judge got wrong with Idioacry was that it wasn’t going to take 500 years. I mean would a second Trump term really be that different from a Camacho presidency? They are both Hall of Fame Wrestlers

Just embrace the absurdity