• Nero

WATCH: Kamala Harris Says She is ‘Proud’ of the Alleged Rapist and His Anti-Semitic Dad

So yeah let’s just cut through all the bullshit here in the name of pandering to progressive voters Kamala Harris sat down with Jacob Blake, a rapist who was shot while violating a restraining order, and told him that she was proud of him. That’s right, the Democrat candidate for de facto President, because we all know Biden’s mind is already gone, just told the world she is proud of a rapist and the media applauds. President Trump makes an off hand remark about wishing Ghislaine Maxwell well and everyone loses their mind but Kamala Harris tells a rapist, who was awaiting arraignment on domestic violence charges, to his face, she is proud of him and it’s all “oh so brave”.

Here she is talking about how the Blake family is handling all of this with "dignity and grace" . . . which must include Jacob Blake Jr. pleading not guilty to sexual assault of the victim that he is accused of digitally raping, while her child slept next to her, then smelling his finger and suggesting she had been with other men, stealing her rental car, and then coming back to harass her - in violation of a restraining order (hey, remember #MeToo?):

Also in the name of pandering Joe Biden, unbeknownst to himself of course, sat down for a conversation with Jacob Blake’s family despite the fact that Jacob Blake’s father is goddamn racist.

Seriously the party that talks about believe all women and calls conservatives Nazis is playing up to a man who has repeatedly assaulted at least one woman and a man who actually is a Nazi. How is any of this okay? How is it possible that people out there are still in denial as to the fact that the Democrats have become the party of “win at all costs”?

That is really all I have to say about this situation. I thought about kicking it to the Twitterverse to get their response but in the end I think it is best to leave it to the aunt of Jacob Blake’s victim. This is what Kamala Harris is proud of, this is what the man whose name the New Orleans Saints have decided to praise, the man whom the Milwaukee Bucks decided to send an autographed jersey to has done. This is why the police were called. This is why he was shot: