• Nero

Just Walk Away

What are we doing? I ask this in complete sincerity. What are we holding on to here? Is this society really worth saving? I really cannot see any logical reason that it is.

Humanity is standing on the precipice of deciding between Donald Trump and Joe Biden to lead the “free world”. How did we get here? How is this the choice we are to make? This is a level of collective insanity the likes the universe has probably never seen and hopefully will never see again. Certain segments of the population are ready to take up arms if their choice for President doesn’t win. Think about that?

Just yesterday the Daily Beast published an article about how progressive groups were preparing to take over government buildings if Biden isn’t declared the winner on election night.

They claim it is because they fear the right will incite violence yet they are taking the first steps to incite violence. Think about that for a minute. Taking to arms if Joe Biden isn’t declared the winner on election night. Joe Biden. Is this really a person you want to go to war over?

The real question is what in the hell would people be fighting for? In all honesty there are not many on this planet, as a percentage, who has benefited more from the system we have in place than I have and I honestly cannot tell you a single reason why anyone would want this society to keep going.

What we have created is a world where every desire a person may have can be instantly gratified. While that may sound great at first is it really?

Toby Keith isn't alone most humans, aside from the soon to be enslaved vegans, want to hunt

There is no real satisfaction in instant gratification because the human brain isn’t wired for it. The human brain releases serotonin to encourage the brain to do things that lead to the body’s survival. It is simple biochemistry. What society does basically is overloads the pleasure center with unearned rewards just to keep humans going on with their actually miserable little existence.

Towards the end of my time in NYC I realized the only thing that was keeping me in the city was convenience. The fact that in under an hour I could have just about anything I wanted delivered to my door via Amazon Prime Now was a serious drug. Life was so easy that I was a bit concerned about letting go of it despite the fact that there was no other reason to be there and am I ever glad I left. It honestly took me less than a week of living in Florida to say “what the hell took me so long” to get out of New York. The fact was once I abandoned the convenience of the city I realized it wasn’t making me happy. It was keeping me docile and fearful of living without it. Basically humans have become addicted to society.

If we are being honest we will all admit Milton was the true hero of Office Space

Living as we are in society, especially in the cities, is the equivalent to being animals in a zoo. Humans are being fed, cared for, and given exercise outside for a few hours a day. Damn prisons, cities, and zoos are pretty much the same thing aren’t they? If you live in an urban or suburban area and have an office job or work from home ask yourself are you really happy? Is this the life you want to live? I honestly am finding fewer and fewer reasons why any of this is worth saving.

The only rational decision would seem to be to just walk away. I keep thinking of this line from the 1947 song “Civilization” about a native, Tarzan like character it seems, whom a group of missionaries are trying to convince to go with them to civilization.

“When they've got two weeks vacation, they hurry to vacation ground

(What do they do, darling)

They swim and they fish, but that's what I do all year round”

Doesn’t a life of swimming, fishing, growing crops, and hunting sound far superior to filing TPS reports? If you are reading this you wouldn’t have to even start from the bottom if you just walked away. Odds are you have enough assets to get some rural land (maybe even in another country), set up an off the grid living system, buy enough food and supplies to get through the winter while preparing to just live your life once spring hits.

This pretty much ended any delusion that the entertainment industrial complex was worth keeping society around for

What do you end up missing out on if you just walk away from society? Some crappy shows on Netflix, a new rebooted Star Wars (you know damn well this is going to happen), whatever is going to pass for football? I am pretty damn sure the last couple seasons of Game of Thrones taught us that none of this is worth sticking around for.

Ask yourself why you do the things you do. Why is it that you go to your office job? There is no kid who has ever said that their life goal was to be a human resources manager at an advertising firm. No people go into these positions because they are conditioned to be a productive member of society, whatever the fuck that means. People take jobs that shouldn’t even exist so that the system can just keep on moving. So that taxes can be paid to keep the government running so that it can provide poor quality services to some and make itself seem necessary. Think about the phrase “Well adjusted productive member of society”. That is an awful phrase. It flat out means that we have adjusted an individual’s personality to fit best what society wants them to be. It is brainwashing. It’s all part of that damn social contract that I never fucking signed.

Society has gotten to that point where it is for all intents and purposes just feeding itself. The post WWII systems that were put in place have become repressive not for some malevolent reason but because that is just the nature of bureaucracy. The inevitable collapse of these systems under their own weight can be delayed a bit longer but cannot be stopped. You can continue to fight against giving up more liberties to the system in the name of safety or you can accept giving up those liberties and feel safe but neither way do you actually win.

No, the only way to win is to not play the game. Just walk away. The United States had a great run. A system that allowed the people to have a say in how they were governed lasted over 200 years. That is extremely impressive considering how idiotic people are, especially in the modern age where information travels so quickly. However at this point our system of governance is so sick if it catches the Rona it will surely die.

With that in mind the only thing to do is walk away. Live as cheaply as possible. Earn as little income as possible so that you pay a minimum amount of tax if any. Get some land, preferably in a state with really low property taxes, and live off of it. Don’t continue to feed the beast that does nothing for you but make you miserable. The only way to win is to just walk away

I'll see ya all in the Mountains. We'll drink some moonshine and have an orgy