Just Turn it Off

Based on the events of the past year, I thought this might be a good time to reflect on what I've learned, especially what I've learned here in the "twatosphere."

These opinions are mine alone, they do not reflect those of FlapzzFeed management, which as it turns out is EXTREMELY progressive.

I joined twitter several years back, at the same time I joined another social media, some friends and thought it would be a great way to keep in touch, especially in light of the fact that we were scattered all over the country. At that time we kind of all settled on the other alternative, just easier for those of us approaching our 40's at the time to use. So that account just sat dormant, then I accidentally made another one, because I know zero things about technology, and forgot I already had one, then the ex figured out who I was and tried to slide into the DM's, so I killed that one. Then I made another and barely used it, until I found Smug and the Minions.

Holy crap! a whole virtual army of folks who are down to point out bullshit wherever they see it! They use humor, sarcasm, memes and the like to get the point across that "today is going to be an insane day."

So I got more active in 2019, I tweeted, I assisted in swarms, I called out douchebags and got a lot of use out of the "that'll be a no from me Dawg" gif. I gained followers, and got blocked by assholes, and every bit of it was glorious.

Then came the Rona, and we all watched in horror as people gave up their liberty for "security," and lost both. The Minions banded together here in so many ways, we kept the faith, we held the line, and we owned so many libs. We had bake-offs, Coffee Talk, Lit GOP chats and we formed a beautiful family from one end of this country to the other.

We couldn't go to "places" anymore, so we built one. In this place we hobnobbed with celebrities, we mourned lost loved ones together, we welcomed babies, we shared our triumphs and our tragedies. We celebrated in the only way we could, because our elected officials, who are supposed to work for us, locked us down.

Twitter became a "place" and as it happens when a "place" comes into existence, a government is established, in this case it isn't a government of and for the people, its a dictatorship. A select group of individuals, deemed to have the correct principles of wokeness and social justice, are the arbiters of our liberty. They are culling us out right and left, from the top down. There is no free speech in this place. There is no First Amendment. This is terrible, right?


And here's why. Twitter and many other forms of "social media" are for profit organizations. They get paid to exist, and as it is with any corporation that gets paid to exist, to provide a product or service, when people stop paying, they will cease to exist.

So the good news is we can go. anytime we want. Their dictatorship is virtual, we don't actually live there, so all we have to do is turn it off.

You heard me folks. Turn it off. get a piece of paper and get the contact information of the people you love here, and go meet them in real life. Write each other letters, call each other on the phone, save your favorite podcasts and keep listening to them, read your favorite blogs. None of us need social media to hang on to each other.

Will I check in on Twitter? Yes, until they thin me from the herd. By then, I hope the people I love here, (and I do love you, make no mistake about it,) and I will have made our plans to gather in real life. Not to protest, not to riot, but to reclaim our lives and be a real community of real people.

What I've learned from this virtual gathering of like minded individuals, is that politics are local, they have taken it from us, now is the time to go get it back. Personally, I'm about to get a lot more vocal, a lot more local and a lot more involved. I have rights too, and they will get exercised.

You are in my life now, and you are in my prayers, Its about to get real, Godspeed Minions.