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Joy Reid Will Heal the Nation with Her Humorous Misinformation

Joy Reid is a national treasure.

For those who don't know, Joy Reid is a talking head on MSNBC. She hosts a program called "AM Joy" which is as smart as it is original.

Joy Reid makes millions of dollars a year, ostensibly because she is intelligent, engaging, and able to provoke meaningful conversation over deeply partisan issues in a controlled and marketable format.

It's actually called 538 because there are 538 electoral votes, and the site began as an election data analysis site--which it still spends a lot of time pretending to be.

Okay. So maybe Joy Reid isn't very intelligent, or engaging, or able to provoke meaningful conversation. But it's been a rough week for conservatives and right-leaning libertarians, and that included both here at Flappr, and over at Goon HQ. If only we could have some levity in these uncertain times.

Through the mists of time, the Goons reached out and channeled Joy Reid's research ability and reasoning skills to other aspects of life. So, without further adieu...

The Goons Present: #ReidAllAboutIt

Byrns started us off with a little known fact about America's testament to hedonism and gluttony.

Wells Fargo is the Burger King of banks, and thanks to this information from High Stonecutter Goon Leroy, we all know why. They were originally in the well digging business!

Duckie shed some light on why the Antifa Riots always seemed to be at Targets. Turns out, that those stores were actually just finally fulfilling their purpose.

Sir Micks-A-Lot gave us a look into how those jumbo jets I fly home are born. He must be registered with the "Party of Science!"

Sting is a weird musical dude to pin down. He's not so objectively unlikable as U2 (one good song is not a career) but he's definitely not as talented as Daniel Johnson. I never knew about the Tantra stuff though. But he's out sunning his butthole right now.

We were having so much fun clowning on Joy Reid, that even non-Goon twitter users joined in on the fun:

I have never heard that song. But the knowledge that a place homeless people go to shave shares a name with a song is amazing to me.

The soda is kinda gross, but only seven ingredients means it must be healthy. But this wouldn't be a Goon Sourced article if I didn't close with Croc.

Like Joy Reid, Croc is truly a pundit of great knowledge and wisdom. We should all seek his guidance.

Now that you've gotten to "Reid It All" why not submit some untapped knowledge of your own? Remember to use the hashtag #ReidAllAboutIt and be sure to tag Flappr in it!


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