Journalism is Dead, Pt. 1,000,001

What a fucking weekend. I did ask the country to take a chill pill, but nobody listened. This website wasn't created to tackle the complexity of the issues at hand here, but I'll boil down our editorial position in simple terms: 1) George Floyd's death looks like a murder and Officer Chauvin should be tried for murder (he has been arrested!); 2) Police Brutality is a plague on the country!; 3) People of all races should be outraged and protesting Floyd's death is totally understandable!; 4) Rioting, looting and violence against others is bad and not the same thing as a peaceful protest. I think those 4 points are near unanimous THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY! Why is it so hard then for the Media to honestly report what they see and not try and CRAM it into the narrative they want pushed? The Bluechecks spent almost an entire weekend performing some type of contortionist act in effort to explain away and/or rationalize the worst American riots in my lifetime.

Say what you want, but that boy is insanely flexible.

The spin began in earnest on Thursday, the night that the third precinct burned to the ground. Watch as Ali Velshi claims that the "protests" were not "generally speaking, unruly" as building burned behind him. No, Ali, the protests were quite unruly.

On Friday, CNN reporter, Omar Jimenez, was bizarrely and stupidly arrested by Minnesota State Troopers for failing to leave the street as they were trying to restore order. Jimenez probably should've just left the street, but to arrest him was fucking dumb. He was released after an hour and the Governor apologized. Never failing to capitalize on a moment of stupid, Washington Post writer, Phillip Kennicott wrote an insanely tone deaf piece that included the phrase "When a CNN camera hit the ground, America saw the world through George Floyd's eyes. This was too juicy for Brian Stelter to ignore:

We also had the "well, actually if you are against rioting and looting, YOU'RE THE PROBLEM" type articles like this one:

or spicy "go fuck your property" takes like this:

We got the "let's be honest, violence is the only way" take, from the 1619 brain trust:

So riots, looting and violence are GOOD and NECESSARY, well at least WERE good until . . . *dun dun DUNNNNNN* it was revealed that it wasn't angry protestors or ANTIFA, but rather WHITE SUPREMACISTS responsible for the chaos!!!!:

Now a respectable journalist like Joy Reid MUST have waited until this was investigated, or *GASP* investigated this herself, right? Nope, she pushed out her DESIRED narrative and it was proved that the opposite was true. . . (doggone facts!):

This did not and has not stopped Joy from trying to wish this conspiracy into existence:

or defending ANTIFA, which are almost CERTAINLY the outsiders responsible for the chaos, because you can't call yourself ANTI-FASCIST and still do fucked up shit, right?:

By Sunday, we were back on the "well, violence is the only option", "Trump, Trump, Trump," insane hypocrisy, "ANTIFA GOOD," "maybe it was the Russians" and a dose of "tear down the Washington Monument:

Because, Trump!!!


This thread was literal fucking insanity. . .

Don't worry folks, this was all just "hypothetical"!

Holy shit.


So where does that leave us? I have no fucking clue, except we know the media will only make things worse. They always do. They are in the business of narratives, not the business of news. There were honest protests going on, but there was also A LOT of violence and looting (by Blacks, Whites, Latinos, et al). Don't ignore protests, don't ignore the violence and looting (which the media has tried to re-package into simultaneous white terrorism and righteous expression of black grief), condemn police brutality, condemn looting, condemn hate. Don't be an asshole, don't steal anything, don't destroy anything that's not yours, don't be racist, don't hurt anyone. Pray for America, pray for your brothers and sisters in pain - we're not enemies, even though some people would like to make us think we are.