Jon Karl Sort of Apologizes to John Roberts

As noted yesterday on Flappr, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent, Jon Karl, stepped in it yesterday, when he tweeted out images of the Rose Garden, seemingly mask-shaming John Roberts of Fox News:

Karl was rightfully ratioed for being a Karen and there was much joy among the masses, especially once it became known (via an unreal take down by @LukeRMahoney) that Karl himself chose not to wear a mask in public no less than a WEEK BEFORE:

Roberts himself did not take kindly to the Karl's twitter act, clarifying, for the record:

Fast Forward to today, and Jon Karl has sort of apologized. . . by saying that he didn't MEAN to imply Roberts was being irresponsible.

Look, Karl did the right thing, he should make good on his lousy tweet - but why pretend that he WASN'T implying that Roberts was being reckless and endangering others? That's CLEARLY why he tweeted those photos. Why not just say, "Hey, I was wrong. Sorry, John." If Karl didn't mean to "imply otherwise" . . .it begs the question:

cover image by @itbyrns