Spring Break Joker Guy Was Doxxed for No Reason

It seems like journalists are trying as hard as they can to live up the to the as the "Enemy of the People."

As I was pondering on what to write next, the Twitter gods gave me a nice little nugget. When I was doing my usual scrolling through Twitter, my little eye spotted an interesting article from the liberal outlet "The Daily Beast." Now, I'll admit I'm not a fan of Daily Beast, as I rarely take to kindly to any left-wing news outlets, but I don't give them a hard time compared to New York Times or the Washington Post.

This time, however, they've really outdone themselves.

Now, if you're a Twitter junkie like myself, then you've probably seen this video.

Everyone has been focusing on South Beach in Florida since its Spring Break and everyone is losing their minds there, and we're still dealing with a pandemic. Though some guy jumping up on a car with Joker makeup and declaring that COVID is over is not the craziest thing I've seen this past week. As a matter of fact, I found it to be cool. Rock on COVID Joker!

Oh, but The Daily Beast can't let this guy have too much fun.

Yesterday, The Daily Beast basically put out an article doxxing the guy and made an example out of him to lampoon Florida's COVID response. They revealed the guy's real name thanks to doing a flipping deep search to find out who the guy really is. What even worse is that the guy stupidly talked to The Daily Beast reporter willingly. You never under any circumstances talk to journalists willingly.

Now, to be fair, COVID Joker guy seems a little "out there. " He has some anti-vaxxer sentiments and seems to think COVID wasn't real or something. But who cares? He's a civilian, holds no power, has no ability to impact any decision on how government responds to a pandemic. He's not a news story, unless you want to make him one - which is what The Daily Beast did here. They investigated him, exposed him and propped him up in effort to own conservatives and Ron DeSantis because they don't like how he's running the State.

Think about this - they took a random guy, from a random internet video and decided to make an example of him. What news value is there to exposing who the COVID Joker was? He's literally just a guy being obnoxious on spring break. The article itself doesn't claim that he did anything illegal, it just exists to paint him in a negative light and expose his true identity to the world. There is no point to publishing this story, other than to punish this character for his "wrong think" and to make him a cautionary tale for anyone else who might agree with him.

If the Daily Beast was concerned about people heeding the COVID Joker's message that "the Pandemic is over!", couldn't they have just written a post explaining how the "pandemic is not actually over" without revealing this man's identity? Wouldn't that have served a better public good?

After a year where we have witnessed the worst examples of media malpractice, it seems as if even the liberal media have not learned their lessons yet. They want to stand tall with their heads held high and pretend that they know better than everyone else and lecture them endlessly on whatever stupid crap they're upset about.

This isn't journalism, it's just kind of cruel.