Joe Biden's VP Candidate Calendar

What a week for Rapid Responding.

While Joe Biden's Rapid Response Director was getting the everloving crap ratio'd out of him, the GOP's Rapid Response Director, Steve Guest, was exposing yet another Biden gaffe.

You know. Like what the job of a Rapid Response Director actually entails.

By now we all know of ol' Joe's, sometimes aggressive, affinity for the opposite sex. So maybe this choice of words is, how shall we put this, BAD. I mean, if there were any justice in this world his campaign would be over. Hell, they hung Romney over less. But no, Joe Robinette McGropeyourgirl gets yet another pass.

At least with the Mainstream Media. Social Media, on the other hand, was not letting Grandpa Feelyfingers the First get off this easy. Maybe they figured he's gotten off easy in the past far too much. The Keyboard Warriors picked up their weapons of Photoshop and went to war with a gusto.

It all started with this absolute masterpiece of a calendar cover by Yours Truly

And throughout the day the months trickled in, starting in January with the binder weaponizing Amy Klobuchar, and provided by Political Clown Parade

February featuring Kirsten "GAY RIGHTS" Gillebrand

To keep from having a gap in the calendar, March was included, featuring Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams (and trust me, be glad we didn't go with her spread)

Moving on to April and one of our favorite minority contestants, Elizabeth Warren, and just LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKBONES

Next up was May, and as the saying goes April liars bring May tyrannical governors. That's right! It was 'Gulag' Gretchen Whitmer!

Heading into the summer months we came to June, and with social media's attention fully arrested the powers that be thought it fitting to feature Officer Kamala Harris

For those just surfing thru the internet (remember when that was a phrase?) they might've come across July. Assad from just a great potential VP, Tulsi Gabbard made a great addition to the calendar

Rounding out the Summer months with August and this amazingly talented, sharp, intelligent, challenger of the status quo, belle of New Yo- ok, dammit I can't do this. Ladies and gentlemen, hippo toothed, bottle cap glasses wearing AOC

Aw damn it's Autumn, and with September we fall upon the Jeni's consuming Nancy 'Antoinette' Pelosi

Ok moving right along from that terrifying image, we go now to October. A month where the scent of pumpkin spice lattes draws the world's Becky's out in their Uggs. But most importantly, the month of Halloween, and the terrors of that day. Terrors that include a possible resurgence of the Wicked Witch of the East Hillary Rodham Clinton




OK. Thank God.

Phew. Now we find ourselves in November, and a month that brings the promise of Twin Tammy's,

Biden loves a good set of twins. Not like that ,you perverts. A good set of twins like a couple of women for a threesome. Tammy Baldwin and Tammy Duckworth would do!

And lastly we arrive at December. A month of gift giving. Like this final gift Political Clown Parade gave us. A geriatric does so well with other geriatrics. Why do you think they created nursing homes? There's a special bond between two old decrepit beings that just can't be shared otherwise. And the perfect deathbed duo would be none other than Joe Biden and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

And that raps up a smashing success of a Joe Biden VP Calendar Candidate Campaign.

Special thanks to Political Clown Parade for all his hard work with the memes, as well as the many other people who helped source this calendar with great content.

I'm gonna go wash my eyes.