Joe Biden is 2021 America

We’ve all seen the time magazine cover of Joe Biden by now.

We’ve even seen some great parodies.

Look how slack jawed and vacant he looks. Not that this is unexpected; he didn’t know the difference between Libya and Syria at the G7 Circle Jerk this past weekend.

This look of utter decrepitude is nonsensical, given that the cover is actually an illustration and not a photograph of our Chocmander in Chief.

One of my favorite pieces of writing is a review of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” by a man calling himself Martin R. “Vargo” Schneider. In the review of the movie, Schneider concludes by noting the following:

All of this becomes worse when you realize that Liz Gilbert is a real person, and Eat, Pray, Love is based on a book she wrote. It's the kind of thing church groups forward to each other in e-mails, calling it "inspirational," while ignoring key facts, such as this one: Liz Gilbert is not just any rich white woman. She is a travel writer. She didn't go off on a voyage of self-discovery; she went to work. She even paid for the trip with an advance she got on the book she was going to write, and this film is the result of that devil's deal. There's not a shred of sincerity to the story at all, and yet she still can't make herself into a likable character. Liz Gilbert was given the opportunity to tell the entire world what she is like, to write the world's biggest personal ad, and this is what she came up with. What kind of a bitch must she be in real life?

Perhaps a similar thing is happening here. Perhaps Joe Biden is so impossibly derelict in both mind and body that this really is the best the illustrator could come up with. In a way that’d be perfect.

Look, institutions are crumbling all around us.

Whether you’re bullish or bearish on crypto, it remains an undeniable truth that people are converting their dollars to made up money that can’t be used for much.

Both the left and the right completely distrust law enforcement.

Schools, particularly urban schools and schools in cobalt blue districts, are disgraceful battlefields of America’s dumbest culture war.

There’s no faith in any institutions anymore, and it’s our elites who are to blame.

So perhaps it’s appropriate that we elected a babbling mummy.

Hail mighty Rome, indeed.

h/t @mcmurphy_pat for the cover image