Joe Biden Believes 30-50 Million Americans are "Not Very Good People"

On Thursday evening, Joe Biden provided reminder of what the left thinks of you, your family and anyone else that thinks the way you do - they hate you.

During an online forum with black supporters, which included actor Don Cheadle, that discussed race relations in light of recent protests/looting/riots - Biden shared his opinion on between 30-50 million Americans:

Woof. I'll let you guess who Biden thinks the 10 to 15 percent of shitty Americans will vote for come November. So, one would imagine that such an outrageous comment, insulting to an insane amount of Americans would draw ire and push back from the masses, right?

Definitely nothing noteworthy here, only one of the two people running for president says he thinks tens of millions of Americans are the human equivalent of Nickeback. Yep, that's a nothing-burger. I'm sure the other takes will be more rational though. . .

Yeah, that seems about right. Luckily, most of us will remember that - WE'VE BEEN CALLED WORSE!

Yep, it was just another day in America for people who don't agree with Democrats or their adopted religion of insane and amorphous social justice initiatives. Keep your head up, Deplorables, I still love you. If there is a silver lining here, maybe it is that Biden does think that at least a little more than HALF of Trump voters aren't total pieces of trash. Actually, that may be a problem for him . . .

I laugh, because it all doesn't seem to matter anymore. I also laugh because of this one last reply to Maggie Haberman that was truly inspired.

Good one, Cortney, I'm gonna have to use that one, someday.