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Joe Biden, Alleged Presidential Candidate, Not Behaving Like Presidential Candidate

Joe Biden’s husk is running for president, so we’ve been told. I know you’d think that I’d be more in tune with this, since I have a picture of a northern Democrat as my avatar, but I’m not a Democrat any more than Pierce (the underrated president I use as my picture) would be a Democrat today. I’m a Coolidge Republican. Hell, I don’t even have a guess as to who Biden’s running mate is going to be, since I’m not familiar with prominent necromancers.

The point is that whatever’s left of Joe Biden’s physical presence on this plane of existence is running for president, or maybe senate, he’s mercurial like that.

Usually, presidential candidates spend time weighing in on lots of different issues in an effort to get as much publicity and support. Not Smokin’ Joe though. No, he’s been pretty quiet on a lot of things lately. Things that are hot button political issues. You’d think somebody running against an incumbent would want to latch on to protests, plagues, and poverty. But Joe seems indifferent.

One must wonder why. So, for your consideration: A Comprehensive List of Things Joe Biden Has Curiously Not Weighed In About

The 1619 Project

Joe Biden has made zero comments on The 1619 Project, a leftist screed designed to further turn social studies into another form of indoctrination.

The creator of The 1619 Project took such gross artistic license with history that her own employer began issuing corrections to her work.

The 1619 Project--best described as a masterpiece of creative fiction and nothing more--attempts to rewrite history through the lens of a race obsessed sociopath. It has been adopted in some major city school systems. Its creator just blatantly makes things up, like the below thought.

One would think that Joe Biden would want to comment on this. The president is the defacto head of education via his ability to appoint a secretary of education. His views on this are important, since it might be concerning to a sizable population to find out that their president wants to replace American history with the ravings of a race obsessed loon.

This isn't the only project going on that Joe might be interested in. For instance, there's the...

CHAZ/CHOP/Seattle Project

I suppose this isn’t completely fair. Biden did technically tweet about Seattle...three years ago and only tangentially when he was praising some work done by the Gates Foundation.

Historically, presidents and presidential candidates have been at least nominally concerned with insurrectionists.

Washington dealt with the Whiskey Rebellion.

One of my personal heroes, Grant, quite literally declared war on the KKK.

My boy Coolidge was a popular choice to run with Warren G. Harding because of how he had handled some unrest in Boston.

Republicans and Democrats alike have even run campaigns on “Law and Order” just in the 75 years since the end of World War II.

The point is that worrying about this stuff is presidential, so when Biden is silent on the issue, one is left only to wonder. It becomes especially curious when you realize that Biden is literally just ignoring murder at this points.

No, Ted. It sure shouldn’t have taken that long. Hey, are you as curious what the nominee of the major opposition party in the country thinks about this small act of insurrection? #MeToo

Speaking of Biden’s propensity to ignore swathes of violence in the country he’s purportedly running for president in... Chicago’s Ongoing Streetfair of Carnage

The last time Biden has said about anything in Chicago was in August of last year, when he acknowledged that Chicago has a wee-bit of a violence problem. To be clear, in order to make accurate comparisons to Chicago, he had to reference the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Chicago is a war zone, plain and simple. In the last transmission on the subject from 2019, Biden decried the violence and used it as a platform to push for more anti-gun legislation and to attack the NRA. This ignores the fact that Chicago and Illinois had such draconian gun laws for so long, that a federal court had to step in and threaten to rule in favor of “Constitutional Carry” if the state and city didn’t take steps to make its gun laws less burdensome.

Whatever your stance on guns, the unavoidable fact is that people seem to die rather easily in Chicago (maybe it’s all the mercury in Lake Michigan). And with the death of a one year old via gunshot wound recently, you’d think Joe Biden would want to comment on the reprehensible nature of this act.

The nature of this boy’s death is horrific. All of these senseless deaths are. From a human standpoint, there are no words. From a political standpoint, you’d think Biden would want to capitalize on this. “Children shouldn’t be getting shot” is a pretty winning stance. You almost don’t even have to try to win by taking that position.

Not that this surprises me though, since Biden can’t even take stances on non-living people, like…

Calls to Remove Statues of George Washington

Here at Flappr, JAC and myself have written about the recent obsession with ripping down statues, and my position hasn’t changed a bit: I don’t think any of them should come down and any chance we had at an adult discussion on the matter when Timid Class Republicans didn’t take down statues which probably shouldn’t have gone up in the first place.

We, and everyone else who thought critically about this, saw what was coming: Calls to remove all of America’s founders.

To be fair to Biden, he literally first addressed this issue today, where he essentially said he thinks there’s a distinction. The problem is that the Democrat base feels otherwise:

If you read Biden’s words carefully, he only says he thinks there’s a difference between people like George Washington and people like, say, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

I mean, this is obvious. Even anti-American lunatics like Charles M. Blow (I still cannot believe that’s a real name) admit this.

What Biden stops short of saying is “This is criminally insane and this attempt at dismantling America needs to end.” Of course he does. His handlers don’t let him out of the stasis chamber just to piss off the base.

You see, what Biden did this afternoon is engage in what’s called “Political Expediency.” The people he needs to swing back to him to retake states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are people who aren’t going to be okay with ripping down statues of George Washington and calling the founders a bunch of hate-filled racists. So Biden comes out and tries to say “well I think there are some differences” but without actually telling his base to stop.

It’s craven appeasement, and nothing more. Taking a firm stance against the mob--despite it being the backbone of your rotten political party--would require the kind of fortitude each of the aforementioned presidents in this very column had. It would require an ability to look deep in one’s self and reflect on right and wrong.

Biden isn’t going to do that for some statue if it risks his power grab. Heck, he can’t even address...

His Own Horrifically Racist Comments

The number of things from Biden’s past that he should probably explain are overwhelming.

Tara Reade.

His son Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine and China.

Handwritten notes from noted Benedict Arnold Impersonator Peter Strzok clearly showing that Biden raised the idea of using Logan Act prosecution to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.

But my favorite is his blatant past racism.

Big oof. Supreme oof.

Say what you want about George Washington owning slaves, but he regretted it and the system deeply, freed his slaves, and by proxy liquidated his plantation in order to stop perpetuating it.

Say what you want about Jefferson, but in his personal diary, he wrote about how he and many other founders were deeply torn about the institution of slavery and held on to it only because they thought that raising the slavery issue would split the revolution and doom the colonists back to the British. In case you’re curious, Jefferson took similar steps to Washington.

Biden, however, comes off more like Roger B. Taney, who wrote in his opinion on Dred Scott that “a black man has no rights a white man is bound to respect.”

All these and more await answers. We stand by patiently, Joe, with raised ears and open hearts. Until then, we continue to seek thee from the milk carton.


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