Jim Acosta Misses Trump; Tweets about him Golfing

I think we all know what it's like to miss someone. Maybe a brother or sister that moved away, a friendship that drifted a part, a love affair that burned too brightly and ended in heartbreak.

We all understand loneliness, those feelings of sadness and nostalgia for the days when times were good. So I think we should all have a measure of sympathy for Jim Acosta, who, earlier today, shared this public expression of forlornness:

Yes, in the midst of an impeachment, a pandemic, kids in cages, violent insurrections, and all of things CNN typically reports on, Jim decided to tweet about his old friend, Donald John Trump -now a private citizen - who just happened to be golfing today. One has to wonder if Jim scrolls Instagram, using a burner account, of course, looking for photos of DJT - not because he's desperate to see if Trump is seeing any other reporters - just to make sure the ex-President is doing ok, eating well, getting out the house.

It appears, however, that Jimbo's heartbreak got the best of him today and he needed to pump out this tweet. I'm sure he's hoping that somewhere, Mr. Trump sees his tweet and sends him a text calling him "fake news" - which Jim believes was Trump's pet name for him.

While we, at Flappr, are very sensitive to Jim's plight, people on Twitter were less sympathetic:

When you think about it, it makes total sense that Acosta would miss Trump. Why? Because Trump unintentionally saved traditional media. They made him the center of the universe for five years and he provided them with the greatest reality television show in history. We all watched, we all bought news papers (the New York Times, especially thrived under the Trump admin) and now that he's gone - their golden goose is as well.

Think about this, did you have any idea who Jim Acosta was before 2016? I sure as hell didn't and now this asshole is a house hold name and made untold amounts off his book about covering Trump.

"Siri, can you show me a photo of smug self-satisfaction?"

So yeah, Jim is having a bad time with Trump out of office and will likely suffer financially as a result. So if you see Jim out in the wild, do not harass him - he's clearly going through a very tough time. Instead, offer him a kind word, a pat on the back and maybe a

Happy Thursday, everyone. God bless America.