Jay Cutler is the Anti-Hero We Need

Despite growing up in the Chicagoland market, your dear columnist was never a Bears fan. During my formative years the Bears didn't feature many (if any) players worth following and the team and the team sucked so much, that I adopted the Buffalo Bills as my team.

Moreover, there aren’t a lot of sports jerseys or other apparel in my wardrobe--team clothing is not, generally speaking, for adults (though it must be confessed one could find a few Blackhawks sweaters if one went through a certain cantankerous columnist’s closet).

Despite all that, I remain a tried and true fan of one biggest sports heroes to ever don Chicago Bear Navy Blue and Burnt Orange, a man with a true gift of not giving a single fudge about what anyone says or thinks about him. I’m talking about Jay Cutler and his play on the field is not why you should love him as much as I do.

You see, Jay Cutler is getting divorced from social media influencer and reality tv megastar, Kristin Cavallari. Apparently it was going smoothly, until this past week, when--according to Page Six--he filed to be granted 50 percent ownership in her lifestyle company, “Uncommon James.”


Jay Cutler is a gazillionaire. There is literally no reason he needs to do this other than spite and after 18 months of wh*te wom*n basically ruining America I say “GO CUTLER!” Strike a blow for all of us against the hegemonic tyranny of white women ages 25-40. I don’t know either of these people, but I can guarantee I’d like to have a smoke with Cutler.

Taking your wife to the mat over ownership of a company for no reason other than spite.

What a hero. God bless you, Jay, from myself and America.