• Nero

It's Time For The Revenge Of The Jocks

America is broken. Perhaps beyond repair. Today one of the oldest and most storied athletic conferences voted 12-2 to cancel the 2020 Football season. The Big 10 gave into the fear of the Coronavirus and all but ended the meaningful part of their existence. Shockingly it was only Iowa and Nebraska who voted to play. While I am not surprised that two farm country schools voted to play I would have expected Ohio State a program with at least some reason to claim legitimacy in the modern era and Penn St a program willing to cover for Jerry Sandusky to vote to play as well.

But no, it was not to be, as the nerds got their final revenge on the jocks by for all intents and purposes completely ending major athletics in the Big Ten because if the SEC manages to get the Big 12 and/or the ACC to join them there is no coming back from the disastrous mistake. Let us not kid ourselves here folks this is not some action done to protect the athletes, they want to play:

no these are merely the acts of university presidents and academics who want to destroy the traditions of a culture they don’t like. This is yet another attempt to end what they see as the barbaric practice that is Football. The attempt to end the sport due to CTE fell to the wayside. In 2009 when “Brain Game” was published all we heard about was how “concussion gate” was going to end the game of Football. All we saw was revenue and interest in the sport grow. We kept hearing reports about how there was a decline in youth participation and while there was it had way more to do with changing demographics, an aging population, than fear of CTE. So now we have university presidents most of whom hate that they have to spend time dealing with major college athletics because they see it as beneath them put in a position to end them under the cover of safety.

What we have here is a group of 12 academics who are willing to end the conference that generates the most revenue in the sport

because they do not like that it takes their attention away from matters they see as more important. This right here is what is wrong with the American education system. It is so irrational that it is willing to throw away what would soon be a billion dollars in yearly revenue because football, much like Orange Man, is bad.

Yes we have a university system that is openingly willing to punish athletes, many of whom come from the poorest parts of the country, while creating people like this

Let’s face it America as we knew her is done and what will replace her is something only Crab People would want