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It's International

As I wind down from my day of be lauded for being an "International Woman" I am reflective of all of the positive and empowering messages that I heard and saw on the twatter today, and the days leading up to this most hallowed of holidays.

I'm going to recap a few of them for you in case perhaps in the flurry of celebratory hoopla caused you to miss these important messages.

I also went to Taco Bell today, because I forgot my lunch at home. I had to go to work today too. Women's Day, my ass. Working nine whole hours and not getting to eat, that's tough. I'll bet these gals in Pakistan get it, missing lunch is akin to this in the grand scheme of Women's Oppression.

In case you missed the point, because clearly some chicks have a real problem with optics, the Wendy's drive through not being able to swipe your card, is not a serious problem. Please think before you speak. Keep some snacks in your car or your purse. Grow up, people are actually starving in this world and facing real danger, you missed out on a Baconator because you aren't smart enough to keep a twenty dollar bill in your wallet for emergencies. That seems like a YOU problem. Were you raised by wolves?

Of course, nothing says "Women Power" quite as effectively as dressing like the opposite sex. Or claiming that you do, probably why I wore pantaloons today. Also, why is Trans listed before Cis? Could we at least list women with OEM parts first? Can we at least have that?

And we couldn't have Women's Day without the male feminists chiming in, how about instead of tweeting about how you're gonna shut the fuck up, you just do that? Honestly, Ladies, this is exactly what you get from sky screaming, a bunch of douche nozzles glomming on to your movement, and showing their support because they think it might gain them entry to your pants.

As I scrolled through twatter looking for serious content about International Women's day, all I could find was a never ending litany of tweets regarding how "badass" women are. Naturally these were interspersed with an endless supply of half naked selfies from empowered broads everywhere. Congratulations, girls, instead of using this day to volunteer in your communities, have lunch with your mom, sign up for that class, launch your business or just chillax and shop for shoes on line, it would appear the majority of you put on your fake eyelashes, ironed your weaves, donned your mostly not stained lingerie and posted up your best fap fodder. Basically, you turned it into International Men's day. Kudos.

And then my favorite nonsense of the day, this enlightened bit of business that has since been deleted, but I did a screen shot because I needed to capture it:

To be fair, she does go on to say that she only wants everyone to be able to order what they want at the restaurant and still have money left. She just wants everyone to have a good time. Legit, right?

Now this wasn't tagged with some sort of Womens Day hashtag baloney, but it showed up today, and I personally think it captures the ridiculousness of International Women's Day. The hypocrisy if you will, the unabashed narcissism that is the modern feminist. Anybody that wants to ask this person on a date, should bring $500 or don't bother asking.

Ladies, you can't demand equal treatment and not be able to pay for your own dinner. Equal means that either side of the = are the same. That's equal. You cannot ask people to live up to a standard that you don't hold up with your own actions. If you want to go on a date and order what you want, and not worry about how the bill is getting paid, bring $500 of your own. Then if broheem cant afford it, pay the bill quietly and peace out. This is how a real woman handles herself.

So as you bask in the glow of your womanhood, remember that we are also held up to scrutiny, Stop saying stupid shit, stop doing stupid shit. Think before you speak. Make good decisions. You can do anything you want to do, just know that there are consequences to your actions. Power and responsibility go hand in hand.

What would happen if we dispensed with the movement, worked hard, and succeeded in world domination without having to announce ourselves? What if we just stopped yapping and started doing? Think on that for next time.


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