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It is Time to Cancel Netflix

For practical reasons, I don’t have a Netflix subscription. If I like a show enough to regularly watch it, I’m happy to buy a DVD so that my copy can’t be edited later by the Woke Police, and the only television I regularly watch is live sports. Couple that with me not wanting to be at the mercy of Netflix’s whims as to what is and is not available for me to watch, and there’s no price low enough for me to justify the cost.

I won’t, however, have a Netflix subscription in the future either, because of silly things like this:

Just so we’re on the same page: I’m not a Puritan. In fact, the exact rabid, puritanical wokeness that’s on the left is part of why I identify as Libertarian, but regularly vote Republican. In the 90s, I’d have 100 percent been a pro-life Democrat. The point is that I’m not in the habit of scolding people for reasonably pushing social norms in the name of legitimate social discourse, which is all provocative art really is.

“Lolita” is a grotesque book, which in the modern day should make us reflect on what our own social norms are and whether we too are the types of monsters portrayed in the story. Buddy Christ, while admittedly somewhat sacreligious, does a good job of making one reflect on their relationship with God versus their relationship with God Inc. There is sometimes a point to being edgy, and if it’s done tastefully and judiciously--you’ll note I don’t swear in my columns--it can even add to the gravitas one is trying to bring to a situation, rather than taking away from it. My fucking word, is this ever not one of those times.

On my way home to write this, I wondered what Netflix’s endgame could be here. It’s obvious that our world’s elites endorse pedophilia, but us rank and file seem to still be united on that one. There is zero market research that bears out the theory that people are clamoring for some kind of pre-teen version of “Bring It On.” Even if you’re on the more libertine side of our society, you’re not asking for this, and it brings you zero good will. If it did, I promise you that McDonald’s would have been sexualizing kids in Happy Meal ads a long time ago.

No, there’s no good explanation for this.

I tried writing some other things, but I can’t.

Netflix doesn’t need to apologize.

Netflix doesn’t need to “hear feedback.”

Netflix needs to go. No spin. No “we’re sorry.” No “we messed up.”

Gone. Straight to the dumpster.

Now, straight to the Goons:

In 2005, this joke would have killed on 4Chan. It would have involved the 4Chan Party Van and “C U Suckaz in Jail!” Now it’s just on the television.

Which kind of makes me wonder if the FBI is tacitly okay with this. I mean, part of the reason I laugh at the UFO conspiracy shows is that surely the government knows about said crackpots. Are they somehow unaware of the giant pedophile industry?

Years ago, when #MeToo started, a friend of mine remarked that none of it really seemed to surprise me.

And it didn’t. You see, I told her then as I’m telling you now, Los Angeles is a city dominated by adults who play dress-up for a living. It’s Pretendville. It’s a place for emotionally stunted weirdos who won’t grow up.

She was a little on the vapid side, so I was soon looking for a new Madame Burnout, but my point stands.

No. It’s not going to stop because this is who they are.

And I would say the day we streaked past that dot was when Temptation Island debuted on Fox.

Leroy had a lot to say here, probably because he’s got a family. I think that highlights one of the big problems our society has right now: Childlessness is seen as cool, rather than a kind of purgatory between early adulthood and full maturity.

People who don’t have kids don’t have to internalize how awful this is, and there’s something to be said for our culture going out of its way to avoid that otherwise natural pedophilia deterrent.

Leroy also hits on an important political point: This is the modern Democrat party through and through. They parade these people out at every turn as leaders. If you question having sex with children, you're questioning top Democrats.

Duckman actually watched the preview. Yes, those are the real words used to describe an 11 year old girl. No word on if it features a Pulp Fiction-esq rendition of “You’ll be a Woman, Soon.”

Isn’t that the crux of it? That somehow the lines got blurred between okay and not.

I don’t think I can end a Goon-Sourced article properly unless I bring in my closer. He’s doing what I’m probably going to do. What else is left, honestly? This planet is getting measurably worse every nanosecond and I'm tired of it.

Have a good night.

Try reading a classic novel.


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