Is the Election Over? Not Remotely

Trump supporters went to bed feeling very good about their chances on election night as Trump racked up a comfortable lead in all the important battleground states. Trump had a 700,000 lead in Pennsylvania, 300,000 in Michigan, 100,000 in Wisconsin. Florida looked like a lock. Ohio was showing a large Trump lead. It was in the bag. We went to bed with dreams of another four years of Trump.

Then the morning came and the nightmare began. The leads slowly started disappearing as mail in ballots were counted. Arizona and Nevada leads disappeared and then went to Biden. Michigan and Wisconsin were next. By Friday, Pennsylvania and then Georgia were gone. There were videos of poll watchers saying they weren’t allowed to even get close enough to see the ballots as they were counted. There were allegations that people who had died were on the voter rolls. So what’s happening? Is the election blatantly being stolen away? The fact of the matter is that none of us know.

If the numbers are to be believed the turnout was exceptionally high. Minnesota was highest with 74.1% turnout and the Milwaukee area had 90% turnout. That level of turnout in the Milwaukee area has never happened before and is a little difficult to believe. Michigan was 64.7%. Wisconsin was 69.5%. Pennsylvania was 63.6%. I went and looked at the numbers for 2008 when Barack Obama was elected the first black president. Minnesota was 74.7%. Michigan was 66.9%. Wisconsin was 70.8%. Pennsylvania was 63.7%. Either Trump hatred was so incredibly strong that it drove massive turnout or there were really a lot of people excited about a Biden presidency. Remember, 2008 had a massive amount of minority turnout and these turnouts are roughly about the same.

The turnout being so strong was predicted by Moody's Analytics in September of 2019 as a loss for Trump with Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania all flipping back to blue. They predicted that regional economic indicators were the variables to watch. If the economy is going well – Trump wins. If not, Trump loses. Michigan under Gretchen Whitmer has been through draconian lockdowns due to covid 19 – hurting people economically. Same with Pennsylvania under Tom Wolf. And once again, the same under Tony Evers in Wisconsin. All three have had courts rule their lockdown orders struck down as unconstitutional. Is it possible they intentionally hurt their state’s economies to destroy Trump? I wouldn’t put it past them. Their thirst for power is so strong they don’t care who they hurt. Think about that.

If people really were coming out and voting in force but not Republican then why did Republicans do so well? Seriously, the House of Representatives swung towards Republicans in a big way and it looks like there will be only two more Democrats than Republicans. That is a huge pickup. There’s no other way to say it. Republicans almost assuredly are going to keep the Senate. In an election where Republicans had to defend twice as many seats than Democrats that’s a big deal. We should even have a couple extra Senators that could not vote with other Republicans and still have enough to pass legislation when a “principled” conservative peels off. Remember, we had been told in all the polls and all the news pieces that a big blue wave was coming to take out Republicans. If people were voting Republican – is it possible they just weren’t voting for Trump? Remember, the whole House is elected every two years. This wasn’t just some regional vote like you could argue for the Senate – this is the whole country electing these new Republican House members.

So are dead people on the voting rolls in Michigan? Are ballots that are invalid being counted? Are they really covering up windows so that people won’t see the fraud they’re committing? There has been a lot of disinformation out there on both sides. The thread below tries to debunk some of the disinformation out there and it’s a good read.

Fraud should be easy to detect and Trump has started launching lawsuits like a wild man. The voting rolls in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona will most likely be audited. Georgia is doing a recount now. Thank God Trump put ACB on SCOTUS so we don’t have another 4-4 decision with Squish Chief Justice Robers on the court. I expect SCOTUS will overturn Pennsylvania’s decision to allow late mail-in votes. If there is fraud - we’ll know soon. If not, sit back and relax. Also, let’s not be like them. If no fraud is found let’s not claim an election was stolen. We’re better than that. There were just a bunch of people that didn’t like Trump but still like Republicans and that’s pretty uplifting. It’s not over - whatever the outcome.