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Iron Constitution

The marketing campaign is underway folks and The Left wants you to believe that you are too dumb to understand the intricacies of the constitution.

The Media, who enjoy the protection of the first amendment, are using it as a cudgel to try to convince you that some of the other amendments are bullshit.

Like that Second one.

If you have never read the constitution, you might think that the second amendment is about muskets and deer hunting.

It's pretty brief, check it out:

It doesn't say the government gives you the right to keep and bear arms (that means own them and carry them around) it says the government cannot infringe upon this right. This right already belongs to you, it's yours by virtue of being a human, endowed to you by your creator. (it's ok if you don't believe in a creator, you got created anyway, God says you're welcome) The second amendment says this is what stands between our freedom and a dictatorial king.

It says its necessary to the security of a free state.

This is why you should always chuckle at the people who say things like "the 2nd amendment doesn't guarantee a personal right to gun ownership." The people either purposefully ignore or are too ignorant to realize that the Bill of Rights was written by and for the 1789 version of the Tea Partiers of the 2010s. The Don't Tread on Me, Gadsden flag types.

The Founding Fathers were warriors that just defeated the biggest empire on the planet for cryin' out loud! You think they included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights to protect the right of the government to put a militia together?

With respect to our nominal Commander and Chief. . . I'd lean towards too ignorant to realize, as evidenced by statements like this one:

People whose job it is to tell stories, and hoo boy do they tell some doozies, are in your face every single day telling you what the constitution means, you know so you don't have to be bothered with reading it. They give airtime to legal analysts, some of whom have been caught red handed masturbating at work, to tell you that the the sky is falling.

Like this masturbating moron:

You are not, as an American citizen required to take their word for it. Statistics and polls can be manipulated and you must always consider the source of the information and the motivation for sharing it.

As a matter of fact, we have a country (and later our Constitution) because a motivated citizenry refused to take someone's word for it. The British Crown said, "pay us taxes and give us all the shit you own for free or we will kill you because we are allowed." (Editor's Note: Historians are split as to whether or not the British actually said this.)

A few, very few actually, colonists said, "I don't think so, doesnt seem fair honestly that we worked for all of this and we are just out here trying to live, be free and be happy." (Editor's Note: Historians are split as to whether or not the colonists actually said this.)

A Revolution ensued! Much bloodshed, heroism, calamity and genuine brilliance led to us to the founding document of our country - the United States Constitution.

You should read it sometime! You will be surprised at how well the pieces fit together. It's got checks AND balances, built in and it's even got provisions for how to dismantle the Constitution itself (Amendments)!

So if you don't like something in the Constitution - you should do your best to try and change it, but the Left knows their ideas are unpopular shite - so they'd rather have the courts do their legislating for them.

Bleah Bleah Bleah, whats your fucking point, Mommy?

The point is you need to, in the words of my good friend Professor James O'Flannery, DO THE READING! Reading the Constitution s will serve you far better than watching tick tock videos of women with fresh manicures restocking tide pods and go-gurt. IYKYK.

Politicians and the Media are the puppets of the very people that the founding fathers knew would rise to the top, the ones that absolute power has absolutely corrupted, and they try like hell to shred our Constitution so they can take what you have.

The only thing stopping them from turning America into an absolute wasteland are the checks and balances contained in that document, and the rights enumerated therein.

Oh, and you, citizen. you can stop them. Know your rights. Exercise them.

The Constitution is the line in the sand, don't let them cross it.


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