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Introduction to Neroism Chapter 2: True Beauty is on the Outside

Participation trophy culture has been the biggest mistake human society has ever made. It created an entire generation of people who think they deserve to win just by showing up. Coddling American children is what has led to things like Antifa and Incels. Everyone thinks they are entitled to a great life, with a big house, a beautiful spouse, and to earn a living doing whatever they want whether or not there is a market for it. When they grow up and realize that they are not able to get these things they act out because they never learned that they are in fact not entitled to shit. Life isn’t fair and somewhere along the way it became bad to admit this.

Let me make this abundantly clear I am not saying you have to be a fucking 10 on a somewhat objective scale to have any self worth but it doesn’t hurt. I mean take into consideration Jenna Philips who makes six figures a month pretending to be a dog on Only Fans.

Now I have heard many comments about how she isn’t even that pretty. Mostly from women mind you so there may be an element of jealousy factoring in. She definitely isn’t skinny which in my opinion is great, Nero likes curves, (Editor’s note: Nero likes all women unless they are really hideous in the face, skinny, curvy, pleasantly plump, 60, Nero doesn’t discriminate except for uggos. See below) and being able to bring in six figures a month makes her even sexier. (Seriously Jenna if you see this call me).

On the other hand we have someone like, say, Lena Dunham. Who is hideous monster both physically and as a person. Now of course she had the advantage of nepotism and the early stages of woke culture to get a really terrible show on HBO but now just does shit like this for attention.

So what we have here is two people, one of whom is attractive and clearly a lot of fun (seriously Jenna call me) and one who is a hideous beast but had the advantage of parents who were famous in the artistic community to help her get that piece of shit show on HBO. Both are having or have had success due to their built in advantages because life isn’t fair.

Now let's take a look at some of the Antifa fuckheads who have been arrested in Portland over the past week. You will notice that they all seem to have at least one identical defining characteristic and that one is that they are damn ugly.

You will also notice if you look at the Andy NGO threads in their entirety that many of them have useless majors from expensive private colleges. This of course means that they are likely carrying a bigly amount of student loan debt and have a degree in something like “Ethinic Studies” which as zero marketability in the real world. Couple of examples here. Read the whole thread for more.

The reason these Antifa pricks are so pissed off is that they never learned life is rough. It is a competition and you don’t get to win just because you show up. By making life too easy on children they never learn how to compete. They never learn how to persevere. Kids need to learn that losing is okay. Kids need to learn to deal with bullies. I had bullies my Freshman year of high school in my gym class. It sucked. One day I had enough and shoved one of them back during a basketball game. His response was to say “that’s all I wanted was to see a little fight out of you” and he left me alone the rest of high school. Bullies are important because they challenge you and help you figure out your place in society. By banning bullying we have created a world where everyone thinks they are an Alpha until they find out they aren’t. Then they blame the system and go rioting in Portland. With their mothers there to protect them of course.

Nero is no George Clooney but he is better than George Costanza

The same goes for dating. Incels are pissed off not because they cannot get girlfriends, well maybe some can’t, but because they can’t super hot girlfriends. Never being taught where you place is in the natural order of things causes an inflated sense of self worth. When you don’t learn that losing is acceptable you never learn how to deal with not getting your way. So when a guy who doesn’t know how to lose gets rejected by a woman he freaks out and can become violent. Why? Because he cannot accept that he was trying to out kick his coverage. In his mind he deserves the model girlfriend because he was always told how awesome he was and society has become so sacred of hurting feelings he was never corrected.

Look I know how it is to be rejected by women. It isn’t fun but it happens. I am not the most handsome man on the fucking planet however I do have symetrical features and the piercing blue eyes of an Ice Dragon. I have done alright with the ladies despite my lack of movie star good looks, way out kicked my coverage several times in fact, because I developed a personality, I am pretty damn funny (at least to those who still have a sense of humor) and I know that losing isn’t the end of the world.

Harsh truth is that being attractive matters. It matters a lot because humans are animals and in the end animals operate on instinct more than anything else no matter how much the humans like to think they are logical beings. So yes if you are really, really, really good looking you have a bigly advantage in life and that is okay. If you don’t have superior good looks you have to work harder and if you don’t your life won’t be that great because life isn’t fair.

In the end it all comes down to natural selection with is a beautiful thing