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Introduction to Neroism: Chapter 1 "He who has the biggest guns makes the rules"

Nothing proves the absurdity of civilization more than the number of times I have been asked to

define where I stand politically and philosophically. Why anyone would care where an asshole such as me, or really anyone, stands is a perplexing question that would probably be best left unanswered. While I won’t dare try to answer why anyone would care, surprisingly I am not in the mood for the opening of the Stargate that would surely occur by doing so, I do care about what my adoring fans want so I will attempt to give you all some idea of what constitutes the Anti-Philosophy of Neroism.

I decided to use the term “Anti-Philosophy” because the first rule of Neroism would be that

Philosophy is fucking stupid. Yes a lot of good concepts have come from so called Philosophers. John Locke’s insistence that “Life, Liberty, and Property” are important is a great example of an idea that is true and should be embraced. On the other side of the coin is history’s greatest villain Jean Jacques Rousseau who promoted the concept of a “Social Contract”, which I have never signed, that was embraced by far too many humans thus causing copious amounts of pain and suffering to humanity by forcing it to live against its nature.

Civilization was for all intents and purposes built by bullies. Every advance made by humanity was done so because one bully was trying to get an advantage over another bully. There is a great series by Jame Burke that was produced by the BBC in the 1970s called “Connections” (click on link) that lays this out pretty well. Most of the great icons of history were bullies. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, George Washington all bullies who built western civilization.

About 2000 years after Alexander the Great bullied his way through the known world laying the groundwork for Western Civilization a goddamn nerd in France, that’s right the land of cheese eating surrender monkeys, wrote a book called “The Social Contract”. Basically the idea of the “Social Contract” is that everything that built a civilization in which Rousseau was free to write down his insane thoughts without being stuffed into a locker or being eaten by an apex predator was bad. The Social Contract postulates that the security granted to the weak by the actions of the strong now allows the weak to dictate the rules to the strong. This is an asinine idea that would only be supported by the Lisa Simpsons of the world.

So you are probably asking yourself why the fuck am I reading about Alexander the Great and some French pussy in an article about Neroism. This is an understandable query. There is a reason and it gets to the heart of what would be the first tenant of Neroism, if Neroism were actually a thing, that for lack of a better phrase might makes right.

The natural order of things is that the strong lead the weak. The strongest kid on the block gets to make the rules until a stronger kid comes along, beats him up, and takes his lunch money. Then that kid gets to make the rules. It is the circle of life.

A little background here when I was a law student back in the last days of the 20th Century I was taking an International Law concentration. One concept kept bugging me especially in the International Human Rights class which was how can there be laws without an enforcement mechanism? IHR law is all based on treaties that were signed by different nations which is the equivalent to two 10 year olds saying they will be best friends forever before they hit puberty and notice girls.

Of course being me I pressed the issue in class and the only response I ever got was the UN. Well we all know about how ineffectual large bodies made up of people from separate sovereign entities are. The idea that the UN or any international organization can police the world and get sovereign nations to abide by the rules set forth by other sovereign nations is a demented wet dream of people like Rousseau and Woodrow Wilson. It is a practical impossibility to enforce one’s will on others through debate and or sanctions.

UN Decision Making IRL

That Spring I took a class titled “The Nuclear Weapons Doctrine” which not only focused on nuclear weapons but also on the general rules of war. Our grades in this class were based on a final paper which was to answer the question “Are Nuclear Weapons Illegal?”. Having issues with the entire concept of international law being a thing I wrote a paper that said “Nuclear Weapons are neither legal nor illegal. Nuclear Weapons are the law”. The idea being that if nations possess nuclear weapons they can do whatever the fuck they want as long as other nations are concerned they might actually use them. The toughest kid on the block makes the rules.

Right now you are probably hating yourself for reading this far and really wondering if I will ever get to the point or at least get into some fun stuff about coke and hookers. I completely feel your pain as I too had no idea where I was going with this when I started and hoped it would involve coke and hookers. Sadly this essay doesn’t focus on coke and hookers. Nope this essay gets down to the heart of the matter as to what is wrong with civilization, which is something I have been harping on far too much lately. That society has gone too far from the natural order of things. That we have become so overly concerned with defeating our own nature that we have put ourselves on brink to total collapse.

If Neroism were to become a school of Philosophy or an actual Cult the first statue of me erected after Neroism became the prevailing school of thought in the post apocalypse world would read “He Who Has the Biggest Guns Makes The Rules”. This is the natural order of things and humanity functions best when it follows it’s instincts as opposed to some intellectual or spiritual ideal that can never be achieved because it is against man’s nature to achieve it. Humanity needs to be a part of nature not acting like it’s above nature and being a part of nature is savage and brutal.

It’s time for humanity to just embrace it’s savage nature as opposed to trying to fight it.