Inexpressible Sadness

Fridays are usually the day when I scour Twitter for headlines (usually about Boobs and often sourced from The New York Post) that I think will make for a funny blog. Something lighthearted to give you a laugh as you head into the weekend.

I tried doing that again today (some lady says God wants her 'to keep stripping'), but it felt weird. Mostly because of what happened in Uvalde, Texas, partly because I'm just kind of . . . sad?

Yeah, I'm sad.

I could try and conjure up a better, more descriptive, adjective for this feeling, but sad will do.

I'm sad because of what happened in Uvalde. I'm a dad with school-aged children and I can't begin to contemplate what it would be like to lose a child, let alone lose a child to this type of senseless evil.

What can even be said to the parents dealing with this tragedy? You can't really empathize with them - because there is no way to understand what they've just lost. The best we can do is try our best, give them whatever support we can and pray that one day their pain may subside, even if just a little.

I'm sad that those lucky enough to survive will be forever scarred by what happened one day.

I'm sad that of the lives lost on Tuesday, you probably only know name of the monster responsible for taking them.

I'm sad because of how we react to such tragedies and what it says about society.

The details of this abominable tragedy hadn't even fully developed before people on Twitter started pointing fingers and using this massacre as an opportunity for . . . something (mainly agenda driven and/or as a chance to signal their moral superiority).

I'm sad that we can't even let each other be sad together - even if just for a moment - before trying to dissect and cast blame on those and that which we deem responsible.

Moments of collective grief and remembrance no longer seem permissible, though.

Within 24 hours you had Beto O'Rourke pulling what can only be described as a political stunt at a press conference held by the sitting Governor of Texas (with whom he's running against).

Within 24 hours you had a Twitter asshole find and post screenshots from the personal Facebook account of a father of one of the victims in attempt to . . . make the case that his daughter deserved to die because he was pro second amendment (I mean, f*ck . . . how can you be this way?).

Within 24 hours you had. . . I mean, just one of the most reprehensible days on social media. . . ever.

Yes, we do need have discussions on gun violence and the best ways to prevent another Uvalde from ever happening again. No, we do not need to have them before the community and the nation has had an opportunity to grieve the loss of 19 children and two teachers.

This all feels emblematic of a bigger issue - we are a sick society.

A society where self-styled moral righteousness is often used to excuse one's own cruelty to others. A society that continues to lower its standards for decency, integrity or self-accountability. A society that views itself as a collective of ideological and adversarial tribes with an ever dwindling set of shared values or purpose.

When some derivation of "the other side must pay for this " is the only principle guiding our behavior - we are doomed to mutually assured destruction. Yes, that applies to you as well.

It makes me sad, this state of our union.

I know this wasn't want you were expecting from me today, but let me leave you with this: Social media incentivizes you to be the worst version of yourself - do your best to remain human, even if your ideological adversaries refuse to be. Yes, this is advice I need to better adhere to myself.

Say a prayer for the families in Uvalde, Buffalo and Waukesha enduring unfathomable suffering. Say a prayer for their communities. Say a prayer for your fellow man, who might need it more than you realize.

Happy Friday and God Bless America.