In 2020 The Lines Couldn't Be Any Clearer

Publius is back on here. Truth be told the reason for my long absence is for good reason. I recently experienced the birth of my first kid. Baby Pub is here and he's perfect.

But with the birth of my son comes a realization that we will leave him and his generation with a country. What country will that be? If you ask the Left their answer may shock you. Not because of any specific policy, sure I disagree with many of those, but because their vision for the *shape* of this country is so utterly devoid of anything resembling what the Founders fought and died for.

Take this tweet from Joe Hagan, a writer at Vanity Fair

Think about what this verified writer for a mainstream publication is saying.

Unless the Left gets it's way the rioting, looting, and burning of major cities across the US will continue. Trump has to resign for this to stop. What is being said is not innocuous. It's not hyperbole. It's real. It's what thousands of people are experiencing in a city an hour and a half from where I live. A vastly majority Liberal city is getting burned to a crisp because Trump's in office.

Let's make some things clear before we move on:

These are rioters not protesters.

The media is in full on propaganda mode right now.

The Democrats are encouraging it to continue.

And now we're told the only way to make it stop is for Trump to resign. For the Left to get their way. To be very clear. Or, as our Vanity Fair ghoul says, to put a fine point on it. If the Left doesn't get their way cities will be burned, the media will cover it up, and the Democrats will cheer it on.

Given all this, how is it at all a stretch to say the Left is forcing policy by means of terrorism? Nothing Trump has done is cause for rioting. Nothing Obama did was cause for rioting. Nothing has justified rioting. Nothing done by Bush, or Clinton, or Bush Sr, or Reagan, or Carter, or Ford, or Nixon, and on and on and on. That's not how we function in the US. We have systems of government. Voting, and representatives, and protests, and freedom of speech, etc. But the Left is abandoning the longstanding civil functions of the US.

The rioters are abandoning it for obvious reasons, they want the system burned down

The media is abandoning it for money, more fires means more viewers means more ad dollars

The Democrats are abandoning it for what they believe will turn into votes so they can retain their power as elected officials

So now we have the incentivizing of violent political action.

Now let's take this to it's logical end. If the way to get your political agenda through is by violence, or masking violence, or encouraging violence this country is doomed. No longer will it be enough to simply vote for what you believe in, or hold a debate on a university campus. It won't even remain a viable option. This isn't crazy conspiracy think. This is happening. In Portland. In Seattle. In Detroit. In Chicago. All across this country violence is now political speech.

The lines in 2020 have been drawn very clearly. There is a side advancing political violence, and there is a side heart set on maintaining this great republic and our systems of government. It's time to stop worrying about Trump's twitter, or his gaffes, or the way he makes you feel in front of your culturally cool friends. Because it's not about supporting Trump's every action. It's about saving this great country from the dangers of a French Revolution. If you think this isn't real I'd ask you to go watch The Dark Knight Rises and compare it to what you're seeing unfold in Portland and compare it to what you read in Antifa's mission statement. That may be the most predictive movie of the 21st century. It may not be real to you, but I have family in Portland, and it's very real to them.

I'm not asking you to vote for Trump. I'm asking you to vote for your fellow American's who will be the first trampled in the stampedes of political violence. I'masking you to vote for my newborn son who will grow up in a vastly different, and very dangerous country. I'm asking you to vote for the world. If you believe America is the world's last best hope for freedom you won't worry about Trump being an occasional ignoramus.