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Leave Your Ideological Subversion Out of My Video Games

The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion

I’m a gamer. I’m a busy man and don’t get to play as much as I would like but they’re a source of escapism for me after a long day. I really enjoy the Call of Duty franchise (although Warzone auto-aim for consolers pisses me off as a hardcore M&K guy but whateves… that’s another story). I was looking for a new game to play and one of the articles on the gaming site I read was for the new COD trailer. I clicked it.

I thought it was a made up piece of footage to promote a new video game but it also felt extremely on point when compared to our current state of society. Normally, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it but something kept nagging at me. There’s been a shift in games over the past few years after GamerGate as game studios have increasingly rejected “wokeism”. Was this an active red pill being put out by a game studio? Out of curiosity I googled Yuri Bezmenov having no idea the rabbit hole I was about to go down.

Yuri Bezmenov was real. He was a KGB agent that defected in 1970. I don’t want to go into great detail about his life here (although it’s extremely interesting) but he’s known for his anti-communist speeches. He makes the case that there are four steps to destabilize a society.

Step 1 – Demoralization. This step takes 15 – 20 years. Why so long? Because that’s how long it takes to educate a generation with Anti-American propaganda. This is something we’ve seen growing as it has moved out of academia and is now beginning to infect our children’s schools as propaganda like the New York Times 1619 project has started to be integrated into the criteria. It’s why we have groups of people who are convinced that America is a racist nation and our institutions should be destroyed because they further that racism.

Step 2 – Destabilization. This is the rapid decline in the structure of a society – its economy, its security, and its institutions such as church and police. It feels like in America now we are at this step. We see Democrats hell bent on keeping the economy shut so that people can’t work. We see the mayor of DC keeping churches closed but it’s OK to attend a funeral of a Democrat politician. Democrats argue we must defund the police and Democratic mayors allow riots while Democratic district attorneys refuse to charge the rioters with crimes.

Step 3 – Crisis. This is the event that culminates in the revolution the leftists want. It’s the final snap where the revolution has gained critical mass with the people of the country. I don’t think we are at this step yet as there’s still a fairly large push back happening or most people simply don’t care what these fringe lefties think. However, we can see there’s a clear disintegration of the norms occurring as we see more incidents like in Pittsburgh or DC where diners can’t sit outside without being accosted.

Step 4 – Normalization. This is exactly what it sounds like when people now accept the changes as simply the “new normal”. The advertising will all push social justice ideas. You watch a basketball game and wonder what black man that was shot by the police will be on LeBron James jersey tonight. Books and music will all say the same things because anything outside of the hive think will get you canceled.

Thankfully, we have started to see some push back on this. Trump recently banned Critical Race Theory from government training programs. Trump has also threatened funding for schools that use the 1619 project. It’s great he’s pointing it out and starting to do something about it. Vote Trump, vote Republican, and keep your rifle by your side.


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