Identity Politics Gone Wild

If you thought the avalanche of stupidity would stop now, boy, you're in for a rude awakening.

Yesterday, a 21-year-old shooter came into a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, and shot and killed 10 people, including a police officer who tried to stop him. This evil scum was arrested and is currently in a hospital waiting to be sent to the county jail in Boulder.

Before I go off, my heart is with the families who lost their loved ones thanks to this deranged degenerate.

Now, if you're a sane human being, you would usually wait for all the evidence to come out before you jump to conclusions and make an already awful situation worse. Right?

Oh, you poor misguided fools.

From the moment I woke up this morning, I saw countless Tweets from looney lefties decrying this Boulder, Colorado shooting as another example of "white supremacy." Much like last week with the Asian-Spa shootings, Bluecheckmarks on Twitter didn't wait for any information to come out before they decided to jump feet first into their own narrative driven conclusions.

Here's example 1 from the Vice President's niece:

That tweet has since been deleted, but many others still have their bad takes up.

Here's another one from a Twitter rando:

Here's another from noted Feminist blue-check Amy Siskind:

One more, this one's my personal favorite:

Well, pal, there goes your salary.

Flappr doesn't want to name the shooter (why give him publicity?), but it's now believed he was born in Syria and came to the United States when he was three years old. So. . . the shooter is decidedly NOT a white male. And if you're looking for extra information to see if the guy is a secret Trump Supporter, well, you're out of luck. In now-removed Facebook posts, the guy took issue with Trump's immigration policies:

For more information about the shooter and more reporting on this tragedy, I suggest you check out this Daily Mail article.

Unfortunately, the avalanche is still rolling.

Here's Representative Ilhan Omar's take:

Can you guys feel the temperature going down? Can you guys feel the unity? Unfortunately, with a corrupt media culture and dishonest politicians, the full truth will never be acknowledged and we'll end up hearing the same talking points all over again. We're already hearing the usual talk about gun control. Are we gonna hear cries of Islamophobia too? We don't even know the motive of the shooter yet.

In a rush to fit this tragedy into the preferred narrative, our media, a profession that we allegedly task to inform the public, rushed with their opinions before they confirmed a single fact about the shooter's identity. That's unforgiveable.

True rationality is a dead practice in this world. These folks will not allow our country to heal.