Hypocrisy On Display in the Free State of Florida

I recently returned from a three week vacation in the Free State of Florida where nary a mask is ever to be seen, where life has been back to normal for well over a year, and where your child can still go to school without a powerful teachers union threatening to put their education back to remote zoom meetings.

I went to see Spider-Man the day of Christmas and there wasn’t an empty seat in the place. No one wore a mask.

I live in Kentucky and it’s been pretty much the same here. Life went back to normal long ago although living in liberal Louisville I still see people with masks in stores. That’s OK. That’s their right. Just don’t tell me that I have to wear one.

I’ve spent the better part of the past couple of years mostly between these two states. Indeed, traveling through Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia to reach either one and you’d be forgiven for thinking the pandemic ended long ago. Life has moved on. In the South, we simply aren’t concerned about the virus anymore.

Then - there are people on the left that constantly berate Florida for the state’s covid numbers and banning of mask mandates. CNN host Don Lemon is one of these people. In August of 2021, in what can only be described as a “Won’t someone please think of the children?!” moment, Don decided to rant against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by asking on his low rated program:

Gotta love the use of finger quotes around the concept of "freedom".

Boy, after that little rant I’m sure Don must be terrified to travel to Florida, right? Nope! In November, he was caught poolside at a Florida hotel. Surely, he had a mask on though, right? Nope, again! Don was out there living his best life.

I guess color me shocked that a guy that uses his platform to score cheap political points and whom will stuff his hand down his pants to afterwards vigorously rub your face would do something like that!

Next, America’s favorite bartender (AOC) was caught vacationing in Florida for New Year’s Eve. AOC’s reaction to the ensuing criticism was... slightly different than I expected.

Isn’t she just precious? She somehow manages to be both genuinely amusing while also being genuinely stupid. The issue is not that her constituents are locked down under vaccine and mask mandates and you have to show your 5 year olds vaccine papers to get a pizza while she lives her best life in Florida - it’s simply that Republicans want to make sweet love to her and they can’t.

She got COVID, by the way.

And finally, because the left is both incapable of learning from the mistakes of their colleagues and also genuinely believe they aren’t subject to the same rules as others in the areas they represent must abide - Eric Swalwell was caught INDOORS WITH NO MASK ON!!! The ultimate sin to the virtue signaling left!

I don’t blame them for wanting to not be masked and not think about covid but the sheer hypocrisy of these people is galling. These people are so insulated and ensconced in their weird bubble that I honestly think they didn’t believe there would/could be any push back. They don’t truly care about the people they claim to care about nor do they believe the fear porn they preach and they don’t seem to care who knows this. It’s all rules for thee but not for me and they don’t have any issues with who knows that.

Happy 2022, y’all! I think it’s gonna be a barn burner.