Hunter Biden Hires Attorney with Connections at DOJ

In case you bought into the hype that "the adults are back in charge" of government, have no fear - the swamp is alive and healthy!

Yes, Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, is under investigation for possible tax and money laundering and has hired attorney Chris Clark, a former federal prosecutor and current partner at the law firm Latham & Watkins. What smells fishy here is that Mr. Clark, according to, has a relationship with Nicholas McQuaid, who was a partner at the same firm and who was just appointed as the interim head of the Department of Justice's criminal division. In fact, Clark and McQuaid we're more than just partners at the same firm, they actually worked on multiple cases together. Per Axios:

Hunter Biden hired a new attorney to assist with his federal criminal defense a month before his father became president. On Inauguration Day, one of that lawyer’s close colleagues was tapped to temporarily lead the Justice Department’s criminal division.

For more insight, let's see what Tucker had to say about this last week:

Hiring Mr. Clark seems like a very wise thing for Hunter Biden to do. I'm sure Mr. Clark is a fantastic attorney and his experience as a former federal prosecutor will serve Hunter Biden well in his current legal situation. Likewise, I have no reason to believe Nicholas McQuaid is some corrupt attorney looking to pay back the Biden family for his appointment to the AAG office. Still, the timing of hiring Clark, along with the appointment of McQuaid does raise questions and you don't have to don any tinfoil to connect dots here.

The logical step here would be for McQuaid to recuse himself from anything to do with the Hunter Biden investigation. According to Axios: "[f]ederal ethics laws and DOJ regulations would bar McQuaid from working on matters relating to the Biden investigation without a sign-off from Justice ethics officials."

So is McQuaid recusing himself? As of yet, the DOJ hasn't said that he would.

Something to keep an eye on - especially since the adults are back in charge, right?

FWIW: We applaud Axios for taking an interest in this matter, which - if we're being honest - seems ripe for bias and shady dealing. Moreover, we applaud Axios for reporting on something that raises questions about the Biden family. It's rare that we will applaud journalism and/or journalists because so much of media these days has obvious bias. That being said, Axios and Lachlan Markay (who wrote the story) generally do good work and are a good source of information. Expand your bubble, give them a read.